Noise-canceling Headphones

May 28, 2020

If you work in a noisy environment or travel often and still want to focus fully on your work, an excellent aid would be headphones with a noise-canceling feature, which suppresses sounds and surrounding noise. There are many models available on the market. However, when it comes to the noise-suppressing quality as well as reviews and our experience, Sony’s product line beats the rest of the pack, especially with the latest model WH-1000XM3.

The headphones are wireless and can be paired with your laptop or mobile via Bluetooth. A stereo mini-jack cable is also included as an option if the battery runs out — it can play up to 30 hours per charge. The touch controls are fairly intuitive. For example, if you touch the right earpiece, the Quick Attention feature suspends any playing music and lets environmental sounds in so that you can hear or reply to someone without needing to take the earphones off.

These are not the cheapest noise-canceling headphones, but since they have already been selling for quite some time, you may be able to buy them at a large discount. A drawback for some people might be a less sensitive microphone if one wants to use these headphones for calls. Still, for work in a café, busy home, coworking space, on a plane or a train, it’s a perfect choice.

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