One like for 56,000 euro

July 10, 2023

An interesting legal case is highlighted by the BBC in Canada:

A farmer named Chris Achter received a text message from his buyer with a draft contract to deliver 86 tons of flax, asking for confirmation. He replied with a thumbs-up emoji.

The grain buyer, Kent Mickleborough, believed the emoji sealed the deal, and when the farmer later failed to deliver the seed, he took him to court.

The farmer defended himself by saying that the emoji merely confirmed that he had received the contract, not the contract itself.

But Justice Timothy Keene sided with the buyer, noting that the two had done business informally before and that the farmer had agreed to contracts via text message in the past. The judge awarded the dealer C$82,000 (€56,000) in compensation, noting that progress cannot be stopped.

So, be careful with those likes, some can cost you a fortune! 😉

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