Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

January 19, 2022

Freelancers who use a mouse or a keyboard all day long can run into trouble. Typical mice aren’t made for such extensive use. They don’t leave your hand in the best position, and if you have to work all day long, you may start experiencing a strange feeling in your fingers, palm, or wrist. It usually means nothing, but it can be a warning sign for the start of carpal tunnel syndrome, which can develop into wrist problems that require immediate treatment.

Fortunately there is ergonomic hardware out there made precisely for long shifts at a PC. There is a large pack of companies making it, but Microsoft has always led that pack with years of refinement. Their Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse is special in that its support surfaces angle out towards the side, and so your hand rests comfortably on the outer edge of your palm, with a naturally straightened wrist and your forearm resting fully on your desk.

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