Ondrej Sedlacek

UX/UI designer and consultant specialized in web and mobile apps

Ondrej Sedlacek
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global, ready to travel
Status: at your service Languages: English, Spanish, Czech, Slovak
Listed in: Development & Tech, Graphics & Design

Do you need an app or product design that looks great while addressing the real needs of your customers? Based on precise user research, I will create such a design for you.

I studied product and UX design in Denmark, and have worked with clients all over the world — from non-profits and startups, to large corporations and digital agencies serving global brands like O2, Budweiser, or CEZ.

Recently, I have enjoyed working with startups in the healthcare and sustainability sectors, helping them get their products closer to their target users. One of the projects I worked on as the Lead Designer, even won a Google Impact Award.

Here is what I can do for you and your company or project:

  • User research — I will map out your current situation, set research goals, and (if applicable) use in-depth interviews to find out exactly what your product or startup needs. The result could be, for example, a detailed description of the target audience, or a product concept with a prioritized list of features.
  • Mobile and web app design — Based on the provided brief or a concept from the user research, I will design a functional prototype and test it with your target audience, tweaking it further as needed. This may also include a design system. Finally, I will hand over the final app design to developers, including the documentation and necessary communication.
  • Workshops — Can you imagine breaking down the big issues within your company in just one day? That is exactly what tailored workshops are for. For my clients, these have worked the best for finding new product features, defining the company vision, clarifying communication, etc.
  • UX Design Lead — I can take over your project entirely as a lead designer, setting the direction of the project, keeping an eye on the overall quality of the design, and making sure that the users of your app or product have the best possible experience from using it. I don't just design apps for my clients, but also the entire interaction with the end users of the product, e.g. optimizing communication, full-day training workshops, etc.

Last but not least, I am deeply interested in design leadership — a continual improvement of the overall system, how services and products are designed with respect to stakeholders’ interests, current trends, and the environment. I will also select the most suitable software for our collaboration. Currently, I work mostly with Figma, which allows for easy sharing between a client, designer, developers and coders.

Want to challenge me? Send me a brief email with an outline of your assignment, and I will take it from there.

Portfolio highlights

CEZ Online — design system TREEO - Saving and Restoring forests in East Africa and Indonesia TREEO - Saving and Restoring forests in East Africa and Indonesia Sangha — Buddhist community social media Sangha — Buddhist community social media LEEAF — defining the well-being in IVF Tierra Verde — Using game design to find new company vision and resolve communication issues Skoda Auto — series of usability testing sessions of products, apps and HMIs

My preferred collaboration process

  1. Consultation — First, we will talk about your needs and preferences. Together, we will find the most effective ways to help you.
  2. Research — I will then design a project plan and focus on analyzing the needs of your target group, as well as analyzing market opportunities and constraints.
  3. Concept design — Based on the identified needs and opportunities, I will design a concept for a solution, perhaps in the form of a wireframe or a working prototype.
  4. Final design — Based on the tested wireframes, I will create the final visual design and, if necessary, a complete design system.
  5. Testing and implementation of changes — Through usability testing, we will make sure the product is comprehensible for users, and uncover opportunities for final improvements.
  6. Communication with developers — I will be available to your developers as needed.
Ondrej Sedlacek

Contact details

Ondrej Sedlacek
Jezero 20
Benesov u Prahy
256 01
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 777 053 862
Phone:+45 426 383 59
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