Petr Glaser

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Petr Glaser
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
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As a software development consultant, I work on improving the functioning of development teams at all levels—from individual team members, through team leadership and collaboration with others, to the selection of appropriate work tools, including proven AI-based applications.

Thanks to my extensive experience in developing web applications using the latest technologies, I have a deep understanding of the practical challenges of team-based application development. Therefore, I advocate a strategic approach that seeks the best path considering both the client's and the team's capabilities.

I am also involved in public education and training future developers through the Czech-based project Nauč mě IT (Teach Me IT), which has helped 150 people learn to code and acquire skills suitable for a career in IT. Through this project, I frequently provide training, give lectures, and share experiences in interviews, educational streams, and videos.

What I specifically do and offer:

  • A Business Approach with a Deep Understanding of IT — I excel at balancing the interests of the company, its owners, and management with the needs of developers and the priorities of efficient, secure, and sustainable application development. This skill is essentially acquired only through long-term practice, which is precisely my case.
  • Consulting on Team Efficiency — I don't just help developers, but also those around them, to make the development processes truly efficient. Team leaders, CTOs, engineering managers, or development directors are precisely the people I assist the most.
  • Training Sessions and Workshops — I work comprehensively with teams. I offer participants a deep dive into specialized methodologies and advanced tools. Each training session is tailored not only to the current skill level of the team members but also to their specific needs to maximize the workshop's impact.
  • AI Tools — I'm not one of those experts who will force you into a "50 AI tools you can't live without" scenario. On the contrary, I've been monitoring this area for a long time, so I recommend a carefully selected and individualized stack of AI applications that will genuinely boost your productivity.
  • Corporate and Public Lectures — I offer insightful lectures for companies, schools, conferences, online events, or tech meetups. As a speaker, I cover strategic topics in the ever-changing world of IT as well as specific technologies. Among others, I have lectured for big corporate clients like Sazka, Fortuna, and other companies.
  • Educational Materials and Videos — I offer clients systematically processed know-how in the form of ready-made educational materials, as well as customized content tailored to their needs and requirements, facilitating the onboarding of new employees or team members and helping to build a stable development culture.

I studied Information Technology and have been continuously working in the field of software development ever since. I started as a front-end developer focused on user accessibility and usability (TechFides, SolarWinds, FlowUp), then moved on to more advanced assignments as a senior software engineer (Deltatre, DHL/Systeum) and as a staff software engineer (Lisci). Currently, I work as an independent consultant for various companies.

Do you think your company and team need someone like me? I'd be delighted to hear from you and set up a brief introductory call. Or you can directly book a consultation.

Good software doesn't happen by chance. It's the result of intelligent collaboration between people who know exactly what they're doing.

Petr Glaser

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Petr Glaser
Pohodova 326
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Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 739 047 967
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