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Petr Kaduch — business consultant and crisis manager, certified SAFe consultant for agile business transformations


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Petr always has the best attitude towards new challenges; with lots of focus and willingness to contribute Petr works really hard and is such a tremendous asset to our team.We can always expect him to do his very best and with a positive attitude — we simply couldn't do without him! He drives change, he doesn't wait for direction but goes after the challenge to get resolution quickly and with quality. Thank you Petr for always being such great support!

Fredrik Erdtman
Manager of Business Operations Order Management at Verizon

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I collaborated with Petr on a project that got into a big time pressure and had to be delivered in the required quality by the set deadline. Petr joined the project to help us catch it in time, even when everything was on fire. He got on the project incredibly quickly and, together with our team working on the project, was able to identify the key things that need to be completed in order for the whole project to start on time. He helped set up a better workflow, completed the delivery of key items that were necessary to launch the entire project, and also made sure that these items were delivered on time. Thanks to him, the project was launched on time and, in addition, in even better quality than the necessary minimum for launch. His work continues to set up processes so that the project can continue to develop effectively. We are planning further cooperation with Petr on our other projects as well. He personally impressed me with his overview, experience and especially his complex competence, which is also combined with his diligence and approach to work. Many thanks to Petr once again and I look forward to further cooperation.

Rostislav Urbanek
CEO of Trayto

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He has worked closely with our vendor partner and core delivery teams to provide expert advisory services and real-time support throughout the order lifecycle. In addition to this, Petr has also been involved in new product development including process development & documentation and is specifically knowledgeable within the areas of Ethernet Technology and Voice over IP. Petr has excellent training capabilities and is very appreciated and inspiring. In 2012 the Subject Matter Expert function moved in to the Global Business Operation organization with additional responsibilities. At this time Verizon Enterprise Solution started the development of our new global ordering platform Rapid Delivery. Additional responsibilities introduced to Petr was identifying Business Requirements, user acceptance testing and system specific support. Petr is a respected member of my team and appreciated across Verizon for his knowledge and strive to resolve issues. He is focused and we appreciate his willingness to reach the goals that are set to him. Petr takes initiative and accomplishes his tasks with enthusiasm and motivation.

Gunilla Oman
Manager of EMEA Business Operations at Verizon

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I would like to thank everyone who participated in the launch of the new websites and Websites look great! Namely, the Trayto team, the Zásilkovna teams, and Petr Kaduch. Thank you for your great commitment in recent days and great work! New representative websites will help us in sales, business development and communication!

Simona Kijonkova
Founder & CEO of Packeta and Zasilkovna

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