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Petr Pouchly — business development consultant and designer of business strategies


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Petr knows what his target is, hence is always one step forward. While everyone else is a little worried about the current issues, he has already figured them out for himself and is trying to make future things right. He provides strong motivation to any people he is working with and cares not only about them getting the results, but also being satisfied with them.

Stepan Hruda
software developer

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Peter is a precise manager on one hand and emphatic an understanding colleague on the other. He cares much about the individual needs of his subordinates allowing them to pursue their goals as much as they provide for the company. His endless enthusiasm is a great motivation to all his co-workers.

Pavel Hamrik

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Petr is well-experienced telco professional. I worked with him at GTS and I can say he has a lot of knowledge of global telco business in the Czech Republic.

Petr Dvoracek

Robert Vlach

Petr Pouchly is a highly competent business consultant. He is bold (even blunt) but also kind and empathetic, with a clear intent to help as much as possible. Over the years, he has been one of the star speakers at our freelance events, covering various topics from business negotiations to freelance pricing. For anyone who knows him, it is quite clear that he represents a rare resource of accumulated business know-how and can apply it intelligently to almost any situation. Last but not least, he is an experienced organizational management specialist who does not just sell trendy buzzwords to his clients. Highly recommended!

Robert Vlach
business consultant and founder of

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