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Radek Hrachovec — loyalty marketing consultant


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Radek has developed an exceptional awareness of loyalty in many European market sectors. His attention to detail and organisational skills would be an asset to any business seeking to develop effective customer loyalty programs.

Mike Atkin, CLMP
CEO of MJA Associates

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I have known Radek for over a decade. We first worked together when he was at Bata and had created their own brand loyalty program. We then worked together again when he took the strategic decision to migrate this loyalty program to a fashion-centric coalition loyalty program in the Czech Republic. This was an innovative, successful and groundbreaking loyalty program in Central Europe. Radek is now embarked on building his own consulting portfolio with clients across Central Europe. He has great knowledge in his chosen field of expertise and integrity in the way he conducts his business affairs.

Peter Wray
Founder and Chairman of

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Radek is a very enthusiastic speaker and loyalty guru who manages to deliver valuable insights to his partners and clients. Radek is able to change the way of thinking through fresh, innovative ideas and retains a professional approach to his projects.

Miloslav Pexa
CEO of Cortex a.s.

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Radek is one of the best specialists in the direct marketing and loyalty marketing. He is an excellent external lecturer at the Faculty of multimedia communications Tomas Bata University in Zlin.

Olga Juraskova
Head of Marketing Communications Department at Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Faculty of Multimedia Communications

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Radek helped us in Adkit to achieve a unique insight on the loyalty scheme in the petroleum industry. Radek assisted us without any hesitation. He was professional, courteous and serious as if it was his own project. Thanks to Radek, we upgraded our research and brought new points of view to our clients.

Alon Mizrahi
Head of Foreign Relations

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Radek is one of the external lecturers of my CRM course at the University of Economics in Prague. Students rate his lecture and following workshop as the most inspiring one of all. I am happy to work with such a professional as Radek is!

Karel Kolis

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