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Robert Marek — creative video director, filmmaker & certified drone operator


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I am extremely satisfied with the cooperation with Mr Marek — willingness, flexibility and especially the professional approach that is required in our field.

Cuong Do Van
architect and GGI artist at 2DR studio +420 735 003 917

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I was completely satisfied with the work and professional approach of Framepic Production. The investment in the promotion of our tree house paid off for us and significantly affected the number of guests.

Miroslav Sebesta
Managing Director of Treehouses Sněžník

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I usually have a clear idea of the results of each work. When Robert Marek from Framepic Production started making videos from a different angle than I expected, I watched at first with a slight mistrust. But the result surprised me very nicely. Especially with the dynamics and the story, which we managed to insert in a few seconds. We obtained promotional material that is clearly different from all the others.

Dalibor Dostal
director of the Česká krajina non-profit organization

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Robert had developed a truly personal approach since the beginning and I had a feeling he cared about my project more than I did. The cooperation was fast, personal and without unnecessary corporate complications or other worries. And most importantly, as a result, I received exactly what I wanted.

Radim Pokorny

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Robert was a pleasure to work with. His quick response time helped us move our project along promptly. The quality of the final work was great and at a fair price. I was overall happy with the entire experience of working with him.

Michal Abramchik

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I'm really happy to work with Robert. Not only he did accomplish exactly what I was looking for, but it was clear that he was trying to bring something extra to his work. He fully understood the concept of our brand and managed to create a video that targets our customers perfectly. I can only recommend him. Super behavior, reliability, quality workmanship and creativity.

Katerina Fortelkova
sales and marketing specialist

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I needed to hastily create a trailer for my new book, and the choice fell on Mr. Robert Marek. I think that the result was really successful, so I am happy to recommend it to all future potential clients. I appreciate the pleasant demeanor, speed and smooth fulfillment of my requirements. Thanks again.

Andrej Libal

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The short commercials that Mr. Marek created for our family business fully met our requirements. As an added value, we perceived fast and decent communication regarding our more specific requirements and especially a reasonable final price. We can recommend Mr. Marek with a clear conscience.

Alena Vanclova

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