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After spending some time doing business in Slovakia, we decided to extend our activities to the Czech Republic. Our accountant sent us a link for this company, for a moment I was worried - especially when granting a power of attorney - to be represented by such young people? :) ... Now I can say that I am not sorry at all and I am extremely satisfied with their service. The company incorporation was really fast, I was informed about every step in the process and the best part was the moment of receiving the documents! I was very pleasantly surprised. A really professional process and a very pro-client service approach. I set up a company in Slovakia (through another service provider), there I had no goose bumps when opening my company incorporation documents sent to me at the end of the process. With Ofigo it is different and I really recommend them, mainly because of the way they sent me the documents. I will not reveal here what it is, but believe me that you will have goose bumps :-)

Filip Minár

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Probably the most professional and friendly company I've ever dealt with. My S.R.O. company was formed in a week for half the price of a competing service provider, to whom I paid twice as much and it took two months for the formation process to finish. Given the Czech situation in bureaucratic matters, I was really impressed with the speed of their service. I was pleasantly surprised to see the interest Ofigo shows in their clients, either in the form of a welcome pack or a courtesy call about the subject of business and other information. I definitely recommend them. Good value and good quality!


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I found Ofigo, s.r.o. on the internet when I was searching for the right registered office address from which I could start my business. I was impressed with the services they offered, the customer reviews and with the price for the services. Now I can only confirm it all and I am very satisfied. A professional approach, the speed of their reply, their way of communication and how everything went smoothly and simply, was very pleasant and nicely surprising. Looking back, I have to evaluate my choice as very successful and I can only highly recommend the company!

Petr Novotny

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I already use Ofigo's virtual office services with several of my companies. What is more important to me than price is speed and response to my requirements. On Wednesday evening I order the virtual office address and on Thursday afternoon I have the virtual office address approved. I don't have to go anywhere, all is handled online. Another thing I have to commend them for is their “satisfaction survey”. They contact me regularly to check if everything is in order. For now, I use virtual office services, if they include further services in their portfolio that I could use, I won’t hesitate to try it. I'm sure it will be the right step to take. Big thumbs up for their customer care.

Jan Gazdos

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I needed to set up my s.r.o. company fast and without any delay. Due to a chronic lack of time, I decided to use Ofigo, whose choice of services on the internet really impressed me. They are real professionals — everything went very quickly, simply, impeccably … I would like to thank them and I definitely recommend all their services.

Petra Leksova
A-Z hospodyně, s.r.o.

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Currently, I don’t need business premises, offices, warehouses and similar facilities for my business operations. Upon a recommendation I visited their websites and then contacted Ofigo. The result? This is what a professional service should look like! Goodwill, client approach, flexibility, speed, price, etc. Ofigo does not promise these as features, but implements and fulfills them anyway. Thank you again for your cooperation and I wish you great business success and satisfied clients.

Karel Sidlo
Profigrain, s.r.o.

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I already have one of my companies looked after by Ofigo and I can safely say that I will be heading with my next company or other project back to them again. Forwarding, handling and especially communication (e.g. when I need to know something ASAP and I do not have time to search for it in the contract) all is excellent. Keep it up, this is what 21st century service looks like.

Albert Kralik

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After many experiences with bureaucracy, I was very surprised that changing the company’s registered office address can be done so easily and fast. I was expecting to be asked to submit a number of forms, confirmations, statements… However, the process went quickly and without problems and at a very reasonable price. Today I received my first scanned postal mail … everything works as it should.

Hana Valova
Agentura BASSPRO s.r.o.

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I can really recommend Ofigo. I am exceptionally satisfied with both their company formation services and subsequently also with their administrative services of the received correspondence at the virtual office address. The company communicates promptly, is very helpful and highly professional in their field.

Slava Suchodolskyj

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I think it's the best company in the industry. I would like other companies to work like this too. Reliable, fast and human. I can only recommend them. Thank you for setting up my company and also for a pleasant surprise.

Viktor Peresz

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Since I have only a temporary residence in the Czech Republic, I needed a reliable registered office address for my business, no matter where I lived at time. I chose Ofigo for clarity and simplicity. Their prices are also good. Company incorporation was quick and without any complication and everything still works as it should. I truly recommend them!

Martinelli Design

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When setting up our business, we chose from several available options. I'm glad we finally chose Ofigo. We particularly liked the possibility of placing the company registered office address at a reputable address and also the declared speed of processing all the essentials. The process itself really took a maximum of 15 minutes of our time - to verify the signatures and send the documents. I greatly appreciate the ongoing communication and informing me about all the following incorporation steps. A pleasant surprise in the form of a gift that came along with the incorporation documents was the icing on the cake. Thank you.

Martin Vantara

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I used Ofigo to set up an s.r.o. company for my next project, the company incorporation took about three weeks. The main reason was the legal charge on the property in which the company’s registered office address was to be located - if I had used the virtual office address, everything would have been more simple (my fault). From service automation to customer service you do deserve great praise. It is clear that you are putting your heart in the business, which is not seen very often. Absolutely worthwhile services, if you are too busy or you don’t want to handle all the company incorporation issues. I recommend them :-)

Milan Jaitner

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