Tomas Bilek

IT consultant and Solution/Enterprise Architect focused on digitalization and digital transformation

Tomas Bilek
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech
Listed in: Development & Tech

My work focuses on supporting the digitalization and digital transformation of companies, including designing the enterprise architecture or the digital architecture of entire companies — connecting all information and e-commerce systems, applications, business processes, websites, online stores, and data into a functional whole.

The result is increased efficiency, reliability, security and speed of IT systems, as well as easier maintenance and lower overall operating costs. The whole business runs better as a result.

Formally, my role falls under IT consulting, with my specialties ranging from the Solution Architecture of individual projects to the Enterprise Architecture of an entire organization or company, with an emphasis on digitalization, digital transformation, and digital architecture of companies.

In practice, I usually take on some smaller assignments for new clients. For example:

  • A one-time consultation or expert review of a proposed solution sent by a vendor. I study the materials and specifications provided, including the price, and I’ll inform you of any issues, such as missing essential information or potential problems. In short, a fast and accurate service offered at a package price.
  • A one-day workshop where we quickly map and walk through the key information systems, applications and data flows in your organization. Together we will discover and describe where the reserves, bottlenecks and potential risks are and what can be done about them. One day's work for me, but a very valuable contribution for you.

We can then build on the initial collaboration with the next task or stage, and gradually working from individual IT projects to enhance digitalization up towards an overall digital architecture for your company or organization at the highest professional level.

Within the company, my competencies as a solution or enterprise architect typically overlap with the role of the CTO or technical director, whom I help as an expert to increase the intelligence and robustness of the overall solution. Together we outsource work to project managers, lead developers, vendors, etc.

I have a degree in Cybernetics and Robotics from the Czech Technical University in Prague, excellent knowledge of English and 15 years of professional experience in IT as a solution architect, a software architect, a developer of intranet and internet applications, information systems and databases. I also have extensive experience working with multinational companies.

Interested in working with me? Send me an email and I will promptly propose the next course of action.

Selected references

  • ComAp — enterprise architecture as an IT Application Architect, long-term collaboration on architecture and integration of in-house systems of the world leader in genset technologies
  • Roadmediao — design, implementation and data integration of the Application of Traffic Construction System (APDOS) and specialized map applications connected to APDOS for the Regional Directorate of Transportation, the Pardubice Region, and the Central Bohemia Region
  • LK Baits — design and implementation of enterprise architecture, implementation and support of data communication between the internal information system Pohoda and an e-commerce solution
  • M&M Technika — design and implementation of bridges between the Pohoda information system and online stores
  • Advent — internet application for technical support, connection to the existing database on a SQL Server and a Windows Server
  • Gapanet — long-term cooperation with a digital agency on the design and implementation of non-standard solutions
  • HologramShop — design and development of an application for generating print documents for the holographic security of automotive components
  • Nomce — CTO of a startup and the development of a cloud back-end for computer vision algorithms


I'm no longer directly involved in application development, but I obviously have an excellent understanding of a range of technologies used to analyze and connect systems:

  • Clojure and ClojureScript (6+ years)
  • Python (12+ years)
  • Java (12+ years)
  • SQL and multiple database systems
  • Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud platforms
Tomas Bilek

Contact details

Tomas Bilek
Kastanova 1482
Brandys n. L. — Stara Boleslav
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 723 812 148
VAT ID:CZ8601031197
IBAN:CZ94 2010 0000 0024 0035 4771

Firsthand recommendations

Perfect and professional approach. Tomáš Bílek was helpful, he rushed to help when needed. I can only recommend him. It is obvious that he has solved many problems (Python, Django) many times and knows where to go.

Jan Hodic programmer

We approached Tomáš as an external consultant for the architectural design of the newly emerging information system we are creating for our client. The cooperation was arranged very quickly. Tomáš is professional in his own right with a broad technological background and proven experience in the field. Among his other values, he prides himself on effective communication. After a basic project introduction, he was able to bring fresh insight and add relevant opinions and recommendations to our technical decisions. Working with Tomas has been beneficial and I can highly recommend it. If it's true that more heads know, Tomas will stand for several.

Jindřich Dědek PM
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