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Vaclav Ras
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Data is the new gold, but most companies don't know how to mine it.

As a data analytics expert, I help companies make data-driven decisions. My analyses provide valuable insights into my client’s business, customers and markets. This information can be used to better understand customer needs and behaviors, identify opportunities for growth, and support effective decision making.

I am not opposed to short consultations and giving advice, but I prefer long-term cooperation as it is more beneficial for both parties. Each client is at a slightly different stage of data maturity, which is why I offer a range of data analytics services:

  • Data analysis — Correct data interpretation is the key to success and leads to better business decisions. As part of the analysis, I can also offer customer segmentation for better targeting, identifying clients who are more likely to purchase additional products, etc.
    With clients, I usually focus on: What categories of content are worth prioritizing on the website to increase sales or improve the user experience? Where do customers go on the site and which source of the visits brings the most loyal customers? What are the customer segments and which segment is the most worth investing right now? Which days and hours are worthwhile for email marketing?
  • Reporting and visualization — With interactive reports, data can tell a clear story and make it easier to make informed decisions. I most often create automated reports in Looker Studio or Power BI.
    With clients, I usually focus on: What questions should this report answer on a regular basis? Do the answers help to meet my business objectives? Is the output relevant or does it lack context?
  • Audit and data transformation — Despite having measurement systems in place, many clients struggle to extract relevant information due to data disarray. Accuracy is the cornerstone in this regard. Data inconsistencies and inaccuracies need to be fixed. Whether it's an improperly measured site or an ineptly designed data warehouse. Everything can be straightened out and measured correctly — verifiable accurate data is the foundation.
    With clients, I usually focus on: Is there a discrepancy between reality and the measured data? Are there external data sources that need to be connected? Are there duplicates or bot outputs in the data?
  • Measurement implementation — Without measurement, you can't make data-driven decisions. When it comes to web measurement, implementing measurement codes and setting up analytics correctly is essential. However, my expertise extends beyond websites. You can measure opened and clicked emails, sales data and competitor pricing, customer satisfaction and much more.
    With clients, I usually focus on: What are your business goals? What do we want to answer with analytics? What do we want to measure and evaluate?

With over 6 years of experience in the field of data analytics, I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, from startups to companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. My educational background includes studies at the Czech Technical University in Prague and a certificate in Deep Learning for Business from South Korea’s Yonsei University, further solidifying my expertise in this field.

Throughout my career, I have consistently delivered actionable insights and data-driven solutions that have led to substantial improvements in my clients’ businesses. Notable clients who have benefited from my services include Skoda Auto, Czech Television, CGI and Rossmann. My commitment to data accuracy and precision, coupled with a passion for transforming raw data into valuable business intelligence, has been the cornerstone of my success. Let's embark on a journey of data-driven growth and success together!


I start every new collaboration with an initial consultation, which aims to outline several potential solutions, their complexity and approximate cost, in addition to the detailed status of the existing analytics (if any). Given the preparatory work involved, the initial consultation is billable.

  • Initial consultation (1-2 hr.): €180
  • Short-term cooperation: €115 per hour
  • Long-term cooperation (more than 2 days a month): €549 per man-day

Key projects

  • Czech Television — At Czech Television, I built analytics for all platforms (Web, Mobile apps, HbbTV) from scratch. I was primarily responsible for processing (transforming and enriching) data in BigQuery from Google Analytics and then interpreting it correctly in Looker Studio reports. It was a very extensive project where I worked with the legal department on GDPR issues and cookies, with the Czech Technology Agency on advanced clustering methods in Python, and with the editorial team on segmenting users based on the shows they watch.
  • Marketing Girls / Data Restart — Sharing knowledge is important to me. Either among the people I work with or externally through various training courses and conferences. For the Marketing Girls, I trained the basics of Looker Studio as part of the Data-driven Marketing Academy. We went through how to visualize marketing data, how to connect it with analytics data and how to extract actionable insights from it all. For Data Restart, I gave a talk on tips to make working with BigQuery databases easier.
  • GA4 Data Import — I created a platform designed to automatically import external data into Google Analytics 4 within minutes. This makes it possible to pair cost data from external advertising tools, add margins to individual products on the site or more.
  • Qerko — I upgraded the analytics of the Czech start-up Qerko. Besides maintaining the continuity of GTM measurements, it was important to set up new GA4, add important events and solve a few problems with their conversion measurement.
  • Alphai — Together with Honza Tyl and other collaborators, we have built the largest community focused on artificial intelligence in the Czech Republic. Besides that, we have tackled interesting projects such as detecting emotions from text using neural networks, giving lectures at high schools and universities, and more.
  • O2 — I was part of the largest data migration project in Europe at the time. I created validation criteria for the O2 billing system, optimized SQL queries and parallelized the migration processes to the new system.


  • Deep Learning for Business from South Korea's Yonsei University
  • Google Tag Manager by Czech tech guru André Heller
  • Linux Essentials Professional Development from Cisco

Technologies used

  • Implementation — Google Tag Manager + Google Analytics 4, Hotjar, Facebook pixel
  • Working with data — BigQuery, Snowplow, SQL, Dataform, Python, Keboola
  • Visualization — Power BI, Looker Studio, Python
Vaclav Ras

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