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Viktor Janouch, PhD — PPC consultant specialized in multilingual Google Ads PPC campaigns, author of best-selling books


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Viktor has cooperated with us since the beginning of the project. His advice, experience and commitment have significantly facilitated the project’s swift and quick launch. That’s why we continue our cooperation and have entrusted him with the management of the entire online advertising campaign.

Daniel Martinez Tapia
co-owner of Dulces de Bohemia

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We are entirely satisfied with his management of the online campaigns on Google, which has resulted in a long-term cooperation. His engagement provides an excellent quality-to-price ratio, well-founded recommendations regarding investment opportunities in advertising and regular evaluation; his services have saved us money. Smooth communication via email. He has always done his job well and on time, with an emphasis on the practical aspects and providing a real benefit for the client. He is not a theorist who makes his decision on the basis of a few lessons, but a person with in-depth knowledge of the field. Based on our experience with Mr Janouch, I would recommend his services highly and without reservation.

Jana Ruzkova

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Mr Janouch has been participating in online marketing and advertising activities conducted for our agency’s clients for a long time. His expertise, complex approach and know-how reach the top level, and the effectiveness and efficiency of our online campaigns clearly corroborate his proficiency. Notably, we mainly appreciate his exemplary communication skills, short performance times and diligence; to sum-up, his high level of professionalism.

Tomas Pospisil
Executive Director at MAXX

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Viktor Janouch does a great job in our store. I am very satisfied with his services and really appreciate our good and constructive cooperation. His creative ideas have significantly facilitated our daily work. He can think beyond established concepts and has shown us a wide range of possibilities on how to improve our position on the market. His commitment to keeping up with current developments and trends, as well as the restructuring of our website, is quite remarkable and commendable.

Ferdinand Schleinitz

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Our company recruited Mr Janouch in a selection procedure as a trainer of an eighty-hour course devoted to Digital Marketing that we organised for our clients – people with disabilities. He cooperated with us on a highly professional level and always had precisely prepared lectures connecting theory with practice. Our clients were greatly interested in his course, and, therefore, we provided it to additional participants also online. His dedication, approach and knowledge inspired the participants so much that after completing the course, some of them have stayed in the field and managed to find a job there.

Lucie Richterova
Director at Via Lucis Praha

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The beginning of our cooperation with Viktor Janouch in 2008 represented a significant breakthrough for us in the field of internet marketing. As soon as we met him, it became clear that in the Internet environment, we could not rely solely on our own efforts, we needed to have access to the expertise and services of a real specialist who was well versed in PPC, followed the current global trends, and, therefore, could significantly move our business forward. Mr Janouch definitely fulfilled all our expectations. Today, Ionic-CARE air purifiers are number one in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our cooperation has lasted for 13 years.

Zdenek Tomas
Sales Director at HÖGNER

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Within the management of our PPC campaigns, we have cooperated with Mr Janouch for several years. He also participated in the development of our new e-shop, which, after its innovation, has become more straightforward for our customers and, as far as our company is concerned, it has gained more efficiency. Based on our experience with Mr Janouch, I can recommend him without reservation.

Josef Bilek, MBA
CMO at EXMONT-Energo

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I started to work with Viktor Janouch in his capacity as an expert on PPC campaigns in foreign languages and on foreign markets. I highly appreciate his professionalism, expertise, performance-oriented approach and significant overlap of his knowledge encompassing the entire range of online marketing. I would strongly recommend working with him.

Michal Vanicek
Head of Online Marketing at AITOM Digital

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For the past few years, we have been cooperating intensively with Viktor Janouch and consider it to be very beneficial. As the second-largest employer in the region, we have addressed our recruitment needs using online advertising tools. Cooperation with Mr Janouch enabled us to achieve significantly better results, especially in terms of quality, mainly due to precise targeting and the constant optimisation of results. As a natural part of his services, he provides regular reports and consultations. I recommend him highly and without reservation.

Lubos Kopecky
Marketing and Communication Manager at Kiekert Prelouc

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Our company has been working with Mr. Janouch for over 5 years. He helped to show us the many ways we could promote our brand on the internet, came up with a complete strategy, advised us on the website content, and the writing of PR articles. He is promoting our brand in four languages in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Canada and the USA. We are very satisfied with his work and believe in his expertise in the Internet promotion in general.

Janet Badlikova

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