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Vitek Pliska — web app developer, project manager, consultant, and founder of the web development agency Creatiweb


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Vítek is one of the few engineers I know that are able to come up with very creative ideas and actually get the job done. He is dedicated and highly independent but also able to work efficiently in a team. Always thinking out of the box and finding seemingly impossible solutions.

Tomas Berger

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Vítek is an exceptionally skilled software developer. Delivered work is of high quality and in time. Review needed turned out to be next to nothing. It's a pleasure to talk projects as well as other stuff. He is open to others. As well as other recommenders, I also notice Vítek works in a way so he can be later proud of the results. That's a good drive.

Vladimir Macek
experienced software engineer, trainer, manager

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Cooperation with Vitek was always without problems, he could often think of a quick solution, so great working with him.

Lucie Bacikova
Product Project Manager…

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Vitek is a very experienced programmer, with a broader knowledge of technologies and programming languages. He always brings a smart and technically simple solution that saves a lot of time and bring the desired result. In addition, he wants to be proud of his work, which brings high-quality outputs. He is also self driving personality, so he studies and brings and implements new approaches. He is also a great manager who can motivate their subordinates. I can recommend him for any kind of cooperation.

Tomas Zluva
Busssines Director at Publicis Groupe

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I have very good experience. All projects were done professionally.

Michal Petlan
Managing Director at Animal Central s.r.o.

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Vítek is a devoted developer with a very broad range of skills and immense creativity. I never came out of amazement seeing how he manages to lead a team, do a significant part of the dirty development work, create UI like a graphics & UX guru, build Debian packages and run his side projects at the same time, all with due care. As a manager and planner, he has bold visions that he can see through, yet keeps realistic time estimations. He is a very valuable professional.

Jan Oldrich Kruza
Senior Software Engineer at GoodData

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