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Adam Zbiejczuk — senior social media consultant specialized in connecting people and projects


I have witnessed many times that Adam Zbiejczuk is a high-profile professional who understands social media (and what’s going on there) as very few other consultants do. We’ve been consulting various problems, and he has always performed with profound insight, both in technical and marketing aspects. I can only highly recommend Adam as a top-notch consultant for LinkedIn and the Central and Eastern Europe social-media industry.

Robert Vlach
business consultant and founder of

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Working with Adam was amazing experience. He's skilled enough to be helpful in every area of social media management or by creating holistic strateqy for online projects. Main advantage in cooperation with Adam is his proactivity, deep knowledge of basic principles in online marketing and people behavior and his interconnection to the right people when you need a professional staff in some specific part of the campaign realization.

Tomas Kolacek
Business Development in Online Marketing and Packaging

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I don't know anyone who is more involved in social media in the Central European region than Adam. It’s a pleasure to work with him since his insights are always fresh yet practical. If you need anything in Central Europe and its connected to social media, than Adam is your best choice.

Fady Al-Kheir
Board Member at Energon Holding, a.s.

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Adam is inspiring personality with wide insight on internet and great communication skills. He has ability to make things come true and he often used to go even beyond his duties. I am very grateful for his support and feedback to my work and that he was always there to discuss any topic.

Ivana Hajickova
Analyst at Etnetera

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Adam has a deep insight into social media marketing and did a great job for our clients, including brands like Apple. If you're looking for a social media marketing expert, Adam is definitely one of the best people on the market.

Matej Novak
CEO at AdPicker, part of DataSentics family

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Adam has been a source of ideas and knowledge. It's not just orientation around the internet, but a wider reflection of an actual world situation that gives him the chance to bring fresh and original ideas.

Jarmila Korabecna
Co-owner at

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Adam is a very creative individual with a big drive and motivation to bring into life new social media concepts. I have admired his work for mBank and was very thrilled to able to work with him at Ataxo. Adam brought lots of practical experience with building concepts in social media as well as totally new angle how to view social concepts. It was a great pleasure to work with Adam.

Pavel Dolezal
Parner at Keboola

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Adam is just great at what he do! No matter if is night or if is he right in tram now — but he is able to think about work, get new ideas and post interesting links. Social media freak at his best!

Filip Ambroz
Senior Delivery Lead at Enrian Partners

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We always move forward each other with Adam. He is a big inspiration for me, and guru in social-media field such as Web 2.0 and the whole digital-marketing world.

Matus Gajdos
Social Media Expert at ESET

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I worked with Adam on the introduction of the new financial services institution to the Czech market. The market entry was based on intensive use of social media, and Adam was the key person responsible for execution of the strategy in this channel. I can easily say that our success was very much due to his unwavering commitment to the brand and his enormous capacity to learn and embrace new technologies. It seemed that he was actually online non-stop, acting as a customer advocate within the company, and as an online spokesperson outside of it. Adam not only has great knowledge of the Internet and social media, but actual real-life experience to prove it. I recommend Adam to anyone seeking a diligent, devoted and inspiring team player to take part in an online venture.

Wojtek Materka
Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD

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This chap appeared to have more hands and feet to handle things than I thought at first. He shifted our publication image to a higher level.

Palo Fabus
Editor-In-Chief at Divus

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