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David Karban — certified Amazon AWS cloud specialist, consultant, and instructor


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We were shifting the client's web application to Amazon AWS on our own, but we came to a situation where, despite our genuine effort, we could not move on. So, I contacted David and within two hours it was done. Amazon AWS seems to be a great solution, I am glad we have found the person who understands it clearly.

Jiri Hysek
web applications and multiplatform mobile applications programmer in Ruby on Rails

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David helped us penetrate into AWS technology. He advised us on how to use high availability LAMP correctly. We will continue to use his expertise in this area.

Jan Zimmermann
NetRex s.r.o.

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I can definitely recommend David, not only he unriddled our AWS problem quickly, but also advised us about the deployment process, so definitely great satisfaction on our side.

Petr Mensik

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David Karban quickly introduced us to the matters of AWS services and provided good tips and links for us who are just beginning with AWS. His insight into the AWS ecosystem and practical advice allowed us to focus on crucial components without having to search dead ends.

Michal Sankot
backend developer at Two Beards LLC

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I got stuck setting up networks and load balancers within the AWS infrastructure. David's advice helped me move forward, saving me days of searching for the cause of the problem. I was able to start the project on time thanks to David’s quick response.

Jan Konas

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David Karban snatched the thorn from my heel. During a personal meeting, he guided me through the Amazon AWS’s existing solution and checked possible bottlenecks on the server itself. He also explained how the application should work in the prospect of its horizontal scaling, and to this day I draw from his recommendations. He also didn't turn his back on me when I needed another brief piece of advice a few days after the meeting. I highly recommend David both professionally and humanly.

Jakub Marecek
PHP programmer and server administrator

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Above all, we are no longer afraid of using “the big AWS world”. After a one-day consultancy, we look at the ecosystem in a wider way and found where is the beginning and end of it. We are now directing all our new development to AWS and, thanks to David, we are not limited only to classic servers, but we know how to choose from all kinds of services provided by Amazon and make our products really scalable. This is what we see as the biggest value of this service. Our investment has returned for more than 50 times.

Jan Ševčík

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