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Ivana Strakosova Hruba — English-Spanish-Czech translator specialized in legal texts and localization of products or websites


Robert Vlach

I highly recommend Ivana Hruba and her agency Belisha Beacon. Ivana is a top-notch professional. Her vast contact network also helped us a lot with the translation of my best-selling book, The Freelance Way. We also regularly use her services to supply or mediate translations, proofreading, language coaching, and consultations on large projects involving localization or translation. She’s truly indispensable and great.

Robert Vlach
business consultant and founder of

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Ivana was a key member of a small team who delivered an EU justice project with the Czech Probation and Mediation Service. Her project management skills, accurate translating and skilled interpretation supported the achievement of all the project’s objectives. Her unfailing cheerfulness and positive “Can-do” attitude impressed the many specialists who worked on the project. I found her a very capable colleague whose skills and abilities I, and others, quickly came to rely on.

Kevin Barry
Head of International Projects, UK Ministry of Justice

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I met Ivana when I started my GDPR raising awareness project. Ivana’s task was to translate my website, presentations, GDPR articles, templates, disclaimers, and other texts. GDPR is an EU piece of legislation so she had to study and adopt the GDPR terminology, though I know she disputed some terms as inadequate in natural English. We sometimes discussed them in detail and I soon realised I could rely on the fact that she would consider every single word she uses in her translations and that her professional judgement would lead her to always choose the right one. It´s been a pleasure, Ivana.

Eva Skornickova
GDPR and Privacy Counsel, Start-up Mentor

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The task of our project is to make it easier for arts professionals to work across borders in Europe and elsewhere and I was looking for someone who could translate our website, brochures and other materials that we publish. We often compare diverse legal provisions in many countries and so we needed someone who goes down to the core of the meaning and virtually rephrases the text so that it is catchy and easily understood. We selected Ivana’s BELISHA and it turned out her team is the right fit for the job. I am happy that Ivana has been on board of our project for the past three years. Thank you.

Martina Hajkova
Head of the project CzechMobility.Info of the Arts and Theatre Institute

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I would like to share here that I have had a very good experience with the translation services of Ivana Hrubá for a long time. We have always been happy with her translations as well as her interpreting from and into English. I mainly value that she is reliable, experienced and has got in-depth knowledge of the Czech language.

Marketa Kosmakova
Office Manager, DPD CZ s.r.o.

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We have been using the services of Ivana Hrubá in our agency for many years now. Our clients like to work with her when they need an experienced translator who can deliver good quality and who is flexible. Besides our clients, our agency and I, also value her work. In my opinion, there are few translators with such knowledge and skills in the field of economic and financial translations that could beat Ivana’s qualities. Ivana can translate virtually any text, no matter how difficult a text is within the given field, Ivana can always tackle it. “Nothing is impossible” seems to be her motto. To conclude: Ivana Hrubá means expertise, quality, reliability, and flexibility.

Tomas Kralicek

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The cooperation with Ivana Hrubá has been spotless. Even now during the summer she responded quickly to my emails. While working on the translation she promptly alerted me to some points in the contract that were unclear and to some errors, which we jointly resolved. She delivered the translation on time. We were happy and will engage Ivana again next time.

Stepan Hodac +420 721 935 443

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I have been working with Ivana for four years now. Ivana delivers translations for my international clients and myself, be it community property contracts, texts necessary to be translated in inheritance procedure or other civil and commercial law matters. She does not trumpet her skills in the public much, but the truth is she is very knowledgeable. She meticulously explained to me many legal terms in English and how to use them, she helped me become more self-assured when negotiating in English, and she alerted me to potential mistakes that one can make on an international business field, both verbally and culturally. I also value that I can turn to her when I need good professionals for translations into other languages.

Lucie Vankova
Notary in Prague

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