Ivana Strakosova Hruba

English-Spanish-Czech translator specialized in legal texts and localization of products or websites

Ivana Strakosova Hruba
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Status: at your service Languages: English, Spanish, Czech
Listed in: Languages & Translation

As a translator of English, Spanish and Czech, I specialize in the localization of products, apps and websites (from and into any of these languages) and certified translations of legal documents (as an officially appointed sworn translator in the Czech Republic).

While I offer to do general translations of all sorts of ordinary texts, I particularly enjoy localizations and legal translations. Both of these require a very high level of technical and linguistic expertise, but are often neglected and misconceived as “boring”. That is why I take personal care of these important texts, to give them the exacting treatment they deserve, and why I am relied upon in translations and localizations for the European Union, European Commission, tax advisors, law firms, technology startups, SaaS companies, public institutions, and high-profile professionals.

I cover all combinations of those three languages (English-Spanish, Spanish-English, English-Czech, Czech-English, Spanish-Czech, and Czech-Spanish). I can also provide legal certifications, consultations and training in intercultural communication to cross cultural borders easily without misunderstandings, and mediate in-depth reviews by professional proofreaders and editors, who are also native English speakers. A decade ago, we tapped into the vast community of expats living in Prague and have worked on hundreds of demanding projects since then.

As the CEO of my language agency Belisha Beacon since 2010, I have been able to bring together the best language professionals you can find. With their support, I can manage and deliver rather large translations, as well as localization projects.

I am used to working with technologies and project management apps, and being an entrepreneur myself, I understand not only English, Spanish, and my native Czech, but also the language of businesses, developers and marketers — give me a chance with a pitch of your assignment or project, and you’ll soon see we’ll get along famously.

Ivana Strakosova Hruba

Contact details

Ivana Strakosova Hruba
Belisha Beacon
Liber 296
Dolni Brezany
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 737 576 318
VAT ID:CZ05641101

Firsthand recommendation

Ivana was a key member of a small team who delivered an EU justice project with the Czech Probation and Mediation Service. Her project management skills, accurate translating and skilled interpretation supported the achievement of all the project’s objectives. Her unfailing cheerfulness and positive “Can-do” attitude impressed the many specialists who worked on the project. I found her a very capable colleague whose skills and abilities I, and others, quickly came to rely on.

Kevin Barry Head of International Projects, UK Ministry of Justice
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