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Tomas Mohr — IT and business consultant, project and product manager


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Tomas delivers upon his strong blend of product and project management; keeping the customer in the forefront at all times. He has proven to maintain a clear focus on delivering new products and international projects - always hitting his targets. I would highly recommend Tomas for his in-depth knowledge and ability to get things done!

Jason King
CEO of Yettel Bulgaria

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I have known Tomas for the last 2.5 years and the pleasure of working with him as COO in Restu over the last 18 months. During this time Tomas was my co-MD with Restu. Tomas is an extremely dedicated and conscientious director being able to collaborate well at the C-Level as well as engage with the team to deliver on time and to budget. What I appreciated most was his ability not to be phased by the ever-changing circumstances of our business – and willingness to solve difficult people and operational situations. He shares a similar strategic, operational and hands-on mentality that I do which helped shape our team. Tomas is extremely fair minded and rational which helped us create an environment of trust in an uncertain COVID environment allowing Restu to hit incredible NPS ratings from our staff. In my view I believe he is ready for bigger things and would endorse him fully for a leadership position in operations, finance or direct company leadership and would gladly work with him in the future.

Malcolm Starr
CEO of Restu

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Tomas is a very skilled senior manager, who not only ensures that all the projects he is responsible for are completed problem-free, but that they also maintain very high quality at the same time. During my work with him, I had no problems with our communication and cooperation, and Tomas’ problem-solving skills are on point - he is dedicated to his work and comes up with great ideas on how to improve an existing project. I can recommend him 100% as it was a true pleasure to work with him.

Piotr Penar
digital entertainment expert

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It is always a pleasure to work with Tomas either as a colleague on new projects or on an external basis during my past experiences with him in Euphony and GTS Novera.

Martin Giba
special projects manager at

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I had been working with Tomas on several projects related to internet and voice products. The cooperation has always been fruitful, as Tomas contributed with both technical knowledge and customer oriented approach. Together with the willingness to search for a most efficient solution and avoid the unnecessary complexity we were able to achieve what was needed. That's why I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tomas.

David Wudy
application manager, DWH & BI expert

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I love working with Tomas. He is not just a senior product manager with deep product knowledge, but also a reliable team player and overall pleasant colleague.

Petr Kacafirek
content wizard at Vodafone

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I used to work with Tomas on the same sales and product team and can recommend him wholeheartedly. He is an experienced professional with a team spirit and I could always feel his positive attitude around the workplace wanting to improve and innovate on things. His time management capabilities were a great inspiration not only to myself. Tomas is very bright, efficient, prompt and an original thinker. I respect him very much. I wish he never left GTS!

Lenka Sindelirova
wholesale account manager at TMCZ

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Tomas is a really interesting person to me. When I first heard his story about how he started something like Lingvus I was amazed. Since then I have always admired his rationality and sense of humor, which perfectly goes along with his role in the business. Tomas represents a benchmark to which I compare myself. He is the kind of person who does things rather than talks about them and even when the outcome is not what is expected, Tomas sees the positives and takes all the experience in order to succeed in the future. I will always be happy to work or cooperate with him.

Ales Chladek
experienced sales and management professional

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