Tomas Mohr

IT project and crisis manager, business consultant

Tomas Mohr
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: Europe
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech, Hungarian
Listed in: Business & Finance, Development & Tech

I have over 15 years of IT management work experience in both business and technical roles — product and project management, financial, operational and IT crisis management. I am also experienced in hiring, leading and coaching national and international development teams (programmers, business analysts, testers, product and project managers, senior team leaders, etc.) in various environments (agile, waterfall, hybrid).

What I can do for you: I can apply my experience as a business consultant and manager (typically as CIO, CTO, CDO, COO) or as an executive manager responsible for a specific product, project or problem and its solution.

My specialty is dealing with complex problems that do not have clear-cut solutions. I am quick to understand the business goals of a company’s owners, board members or executive managers. I am also able to clearly articulate and explain my approach to both management and team members and to lead the necessary changes or even re-evaluate the business strategy.

My greatest advantage lies in my professional experience ranging from small startups to large corporations in a wide array of roles starting from a team-member level to tackling top management challenges. I also have experience acting as a company’s managing director as well as launching my own startup back in the old days before the hype around tech startups.

I have a Master’s degree in Information Technology (2006), Scrum Master certification (Tayllorcox, 2017) and fluently speak English, Czech and Hungarian. My references include work for major European brands such as Vodafone, Telefónica O2, T-Mobile, UPC, Zoot and Metro AG.

Price list and consulting terms

I am available for both in-person and remote collaborations. I recommend clients to start each new consulting collaboration with an introductory session to discuss and review the goals and requirements they may have and uncover any potential challenges, issues or opportunities that may be hidden or unclear. This can then lead us to a larger consulting project.

  • I store your data on an encrypted drive and a secure iCloud account.
  • I keep all your data and information 100% confidential.
  • I don't share your data with anyone without your explicit permission.
  • Consulting is paid in full in advance based on an issued invoice.
  • My base hourly rate is €125 excluding other expenses (e.g. travel) and VAT (where applicable).
  • I issue an invoice after the introductory session covering the agreed number of consulting hours.
  • My liability to any loss or damage is limited to €2,000.
  • You can have the unused consulting time refunded with a 50% cancellation fee.

Selected references from leading IT, E-commerce, Fintech and Telco companies

  • Restu, Hospitality Digital GmbH (Metro AG) — Project management, product discovery, defining the Customer Value Proposition, integration of the B2B2C platform and business into Hospitality Digital's portfolio. Appointed as MD and COO of the company.
  • Vodafone, Inventi — Vendor side project management and delivery of a B2B bidding solution. Lead a ±20 FTE team of developers, business analysts and testers in a hybrid (mix of agile and waterfall) environment. Crisis management, P&L responsibility.
  • Zoot (B2C e-commerce) — Acted as CIO / CDO, steered the company towards result oriented thinking rather than output generation. Laid the foundations of determining product development value vs IT cost. Helped coach and grow a team of 40 FTEs.
  • Home Credit, Mall Group, Usertech, U+ — Vendor-side project management and transition of a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) B2C fintech service between its former and new owner. Helped the team shape its agile approach and optimal sprints setup. Responsible for P&L and contract negotiations.
  • UPC (Liberty Global, Vodafone) — Product management and development of international internet and voice services
  • Telefónica O2 — Product, project and pricing management in B2B mobile services tenders
  • Shoptet — Vendor-side team lead, project management and product discovery of a VR e-commerce application
  • Dame jidlo — Vendor-side team lead (both Android and iOS teams) and project management of the leading mobile Czech food delivery app (similar to Wolt). Acquired by Delivery Hero.
  • GP Europe — Vendor-side team lead and project management of a mPOS solution (mobile point of sales)
  • GTS Novera (T-Mobile) — Product management and business project management of both national and international telco data services
  • Lingvus — Co-founded a SaaS reversed auction translation marketplace to serve customers and translators worldwide. Took part in the StartupYard pre-seed accelerator.
  • Trustsoft, AWS – Vendor-side crisis and project management during an AWS cloud migration project. Also contracted for further project and business development activities related to international projects.

Some of the questions I help my clients find answers to

  • Why do our IT teams not meet agreed on deadlines and/or commitments made at the start of a sprint?
  • Why do our IT specialists quit or suffer from performance decline?
  • How do we sync our product, project and development teams to work together as a well-oiled machine?
  • Why do we have customers dissatisfied with the quality, time and cost of our software delivery?
  • What is the cost-to-benefit ratio of what our IT teams develop?
  • How should we approach our legacy software and technical debt that has grown over the years? (refactoring vs. custom development vs. out-of-the-box software)
  • Are we benefiting from the development style implemented within our company and is it the right one? (agile vs. waterfall vs. hybrid)
  • Are we delivering the most value to our customers and what is our customer value proposition (CVP)?

Examples of my work

Example A: IT vendor project for Vodafone, the customer was dissatisfied with the quality, time and price of delivery. The vendor’s owners and management were not aware of the issue causing this, nor did they know the reasons why their ±15 FTE team seemed to be unable to deliver the project despite it running for over two years. The team was demotivated and several team members were close to quitting.

My approach: During the initial two weeks, I learnt the core financial and IT essence of the project, identified that it was losing money (of which the owners were unaware) and which parts of the delivery were generating the loss. In the following 2-3 weeks, I made some organizational changes within the team, agreed to a different development setup (which led to a significant growth in the team’s satisfaction) and started negotiations with the client around the overall delivery. After 6 months, we delivered the project and thus concluded a lengthy contract, which could have crippled the vendor financially.

Example B: I was approached by Hospitality Digital GmbH (a Metro AG subsidiary), telling me that they bought a hospitality industry focused tech company in Czechia. They believed it was generating valuable software as it had many paying customers, while they produced similar B2B services, however, they had no paying customers at the time. They wanted to understand how the company generates value, where this value is located within the software and how this value could be applied to their German product portfolio. Furthermore, they wanted to have someone in charge of the company, who could improve on its financial and operational management and enable them to have a more transparent view into its business and plans.

My approach: During the first two months, I spent a lot of my time talking to customers, managers and owners, asking them why they paid for this product, how it helped their business, what it was they appreciated or lacked and what else they needed to be even more successful. These findings were the basis for internal teams discussions and gathering their feedback. This led me to drafting a product-value pyramid, which I presented to the German board along with my proposal on how to continue with the product portfolio and the company itself. Upon approval, I executed on this plan with the Czech team.

Tomas Mohr

Contact details

Tomas Mohr
Hradesinska 47
101 00
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 776 113 147
VAT ID:CZ29141095
IBAN:CZ68 2010 0000 0027 0122 1497

Firsthand recommendations

Tomas delivers upon his strong blend of product and project management; keeping the customer in the forefront at all times. He has proven to maintain a clear focus on delivering new products and international projects - always hitting his targets. I would highly recommend Tomas for his in-depth knowledge and ability to get things done!

Jason King CEO of Yettel Bulgaria

I have known Tomas for the last 2.5 years and the pleasure of working with him as COO in Restu over the last 18 months. During this time Tomas was my co-MD with Restu. Tomas is an extremely dedicated and conscientious director being able to collaborate well at the C-Level as well as engage with the team to deliver on time and to budget. What I appreciated most was his ability not to be phased by the ever-changing circumstances of our business – and willingness to solve difficult people and operational situations. He shares a similar strategic, operational and hands-on mentality that I do which helped shape our team. Tomas is extremely fair minded and rational which helped us create an environment of trust in an uncertain COVID environment allowing Restu to hit incredible NPS ratings from our staff. In my view I believe he is ready for bigger things and would endorse him fully for a leadership position in operations, finance or direct company leadership and would gladly work with him in the future.

Malcolm Starr CEO of Restu

I met Tomas in 2012/13 as a mentor of StartupYard, a technology start-up incubator in Prague. At the time, Tomas struck me as a bright young entrepreneur who along with his co-founder and team wanted to innovate within the translation market industry and although their start-up idea failed in the end, I’m positive that Tomas’s work ethic, energy and professional business approach is something that will lead him to success in the long run. I enjoyed my meetings with him and the team and wish them all the best.

Margareta Krizova Head of NEWTON Business Accelerator & M&A Advisor at NEWTON University
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