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Lenka Paprok — sloganist and name-maker


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Lenka has helped me several times by inventing names and domains for my projects. She always comes up with new thoughts and ideas, that one just can’t figure out. I can only wholeheartedly recommend giving her naming and slogan-making services a try. I will certainly be working with Lenka in the future again as well.

PharmD Margit Slimakova
nutrition & health coach +420 606 363 018

Robert Vlach

Lenka created brand names and taglines for a number of my clients and her ability to find original solutions is phenomenal. She always has something mind-blowing up her sleeve to turn your thoughts upside down. I don’t know anyone else in my professional network who has such elaborated knowledge of name-making and unfailing drive for achieving results. Lenka seems to have an inborn talent for creating new names and she loves doing so.

Robert Vlach
business consultant and founder of

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I would like to thank Lenka again and again for our tagline that she created. Collaborating with Lenka was excellent, just like her preparation and work. She grasped the assignment perfectly, who we are, what we do and how. Working with us is far from easy since we are quite demanding in everything we do. Slogan creation had proven to be a big and difficult topic for us for a long time, and we had given up on it several times in the past. We didn’t want to settle for just any tagline! I quite liked Lenka’s tagline at first — the way it sounded — but by repeating and using it visually as well, we all accepted it as our own. We work with the slogan on many levels, and it has taken on a beautiful life of its own.

Pavel Laznicka
co-owner of Hanibal, a company specialized in outdoor and sport equipment

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Lenka Paprok is a real pro. After I spent months thinking of slogans for my new homepage and had perhaps twenty versions, she helped me to find a solution. She advised me on what those slogans and headlines should look like. She commented on all my ideas, which helped me to evaluate their pros and cons, and she looked at all of them from various perspectives. I’m looking forward to launching our new homepage and highly recommend Lenka too! Thank you very much.

Ivana Hruba
court interpreter, translator and teacher of Spanish and English +420 737 576 318

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Lenka is a genius at playing with words. If you need a slogan, choose Lenka!

Dominika Spackova
business consultant for effective entrepreneurship +420 775 028 018

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I have known Lenka Paprok for a long time and she has a tremendous natural talent for languages. She is creative and continually educating herself. When I decided to go freelance as a professional French teacher and organizer of trips to France, Lenka grasped my way of thinking as well as the needs of my business and captured it all in a simple and fitting slogan. It endeared French to all interested in it, but were afraid it would be too complicated for them. Lenka is quick in creating something that others just think and talk endlessly about. Her ideas are intelligent and witty — they are fresh, simple, and yet very smart. Long-term collaboration with Lenka has helped me to stop hesitating and move forward.

Jitka Sedlarova
French teacher and organizer of sightseeing trips to France +420 774 234 221

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We hired Lenka to refresh and rewrite some of the headlines on our website. She did an excellent job. Working with her was quick and easy. Highly recommended!

Martin Simek
founder of the travel agency

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On a recommendation of Michelle Losekoot, we ordered Lenka’s set of five ideas for a tagline of our eshop with cooking and dining equipment. Needless to say, we wanted results in one week’s time. And though we needed to choose a different path for a tagline in the end, Lenka has fulfilled her commitment — she delivered totally professional results on time. I am still excited about the results of our collaboration, as two of her taglines were my clear favorites. Lenka can capture the essence of a brand and mold it into a unique one-liner. A 100% valuable collaboration, I would be happy to recommend Lenka to anyone.

Zuzana Brecanova
marketing director +420 604 839 125

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