Lukas Pitra

e-commerce and digital marketing executive consultant

Lukas Pitra
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: EU
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech
Listed in: Development & Tech, Marketing & Sales

I am a senior digital marketing specialist, working on all sorts of B2C and B2B e-commerce projects as an independent consultant as well as a project manager and team lead.

Most of my clients are prominent Czech companies. Thanks to them, I have in-depth knowledge of the local e-commerce market (if you ever wish to enter it), but I am also open to consulting projects worldwide and sharing the best-practices and insights that I have picked since 2008.

These are the areas I am particularly strong in:

  1. Launching e-commerce projects — I can help you build a viable e-commerce strategy, organize tenders for its development and marketing, and supervise the project execution, especially in regards to marketing, customers needs and future business processes.
  2. E-commerce marketing optimization — You are right to expect top-notch performance from your digital marketing operations. I will turn every stone to get more bang for your buck in every area, such as reporting, decision making, creative outputs, service delivery, marketing processes and management, as well as consulting.
  3. External management of e-commerce projects — For a few long-term clients, I also manage their e-commerce operations in full, guaranteeing competent decisions, budget distribution and good results. Also, I have a soft spot for manufacturers and direct service providers.

My other strengths are a great cost/benefit ratio (thanks to my drive for results and a decent base rate of €160 per hour), a goal-oriented mindset (I’d rather complete one useful task than endlessly plan a dozen), a team player attitude, reliability, and fair-play. You can always rely on my diligence, responsible and client-oriented approach. And you don’t have to take my word for it — just email some of my clients and ask.

As a freelancer, I am also open to joining international freelancers’ teams and projects, as well as mentoring freelancers in my field, public speaking, etc.

Are you interested in working with me? Send me an email, and I’ll get back to you soon.

My flagship reference projects

  • Large companies like Kentico, Nestlé, EquaBank, Kooperativa, Mountfield, or Czech TV are my typical corporate clients for consulting or mentoring their teams.
  • Jansen Display — After 6 years of wonderful collaboration, I handled my responsibilities to a newly formed internal team. However, I still draw on the valuable experience of managing their global marketing budget and a team of 15+ experts across 5 countries.
  • — I worked with the largest Czech manufacturer of windows for 6 years, and was responsible for digital-marketing and branding performance as well as website development, improving its results each year across all channels.
  • — I am responsible for e-shop results and managing the whole team from development to marketing and BI. We have achieved years of continual growth, and I have been rewarded with a success fee.
  • — I am responsible for e-shop marketing while also being involved in the website, product and service development. The business is growing steadily despite the recent mild winters or lockdowns.
  • — I manage the digital operations in order to bring the finest pools to the Czech market. I have been excited by the continual year-to-year growth of the whole team and business without cutting any corners.
  • — I have been consulting on the marketing strategy for the best-selling Czech cookbooks, and I am proud to say we’re still growing fast after three years.
Lukas Pitra

Contact details

Lukas Pitra
Pernerova 51
186 00
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 773 927 292
X (Twitter):lukaspitra
VAT ID:CZ8402040174

Firsthand recommendations

Lukas Pitra is one of the most diligent, hard-working, and loyal consultants in e-commerce marketing I have met. His hands-on experience and idea-making ability contributed greatly to some particularly demanding projects that I have supervised or managed. This is a guy who delivers — highly recommended.

Robert Vlach
Robert Vlach business consultant and founder of

During the years that I have worked with Lukas on Jansen Display UK he has demonstrated his ability as a true international digital mastermind, managing teams across many countries, each with their own unique challenges. His results have been outstanding.

Gary Cottam owner at DoubleSpark Internet Marketing, Cambridge
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