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Lukas Pitra — e-commerce and digital marketing executive consultant


Robert Vlach

Lukas Pitra is one of the most diligent, hard-working, and loyal consultants in e-commerce marketing I have met. His hands-on experience and idea-making ability contributed greatly to some particularly demanding projects that I have supervised or managed. This is a guy who delivers — highly recommended.

Robert Vlach
business consultant and founder of

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Meeting Lukas was kind of a saving grace as we needed a clear direction and fluff-free advice on SEO. It totally paid off, and luckily he got involved early enough for us to make necessary adjustments. Highly recommended and do NOT wait to long to call him in!

Michal Rodrigues Gondkowski
senior production manager & consultant

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During the years that I have worked with Lukas on Jansen Display UK he has demonstrated his ability as a true international digital mastermind, managing teams across many countries, each with their own unique challenges. His results have been outstanding.

Gary Cottam
owner at DoubleSpark Internet Marketing, Cambridge

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Our story with Lukas is a story of self-discovery and exponential learning curve. After 20 years in business we decided to hit the e-commerce world, not knowing what to expect and how to do it. But after two meetings with Lukas, I knew with whom to do it! Lukas is one of the few who knows that to truly understand our business he needs to look under the hood. The very second meeting he asked to visit our factory and talk directly to our people. He spent 2 days in our factory tucked far away in Jeseniky mountains. He invested himself and his time from the very beginning. And I liked that! Instead of preparing my e-commerce virgin colleagues for his questions I let him do the magic. His inquisitive questions and honest interest in our business struck a responsive chord with all our people. They remembered him since. Lukas has a great scope of understanding not only the SEO/PPC world but also great interest in the strategy, product and market particulars. As a result he understood we were at the very beginning and he openly explained to me what we are missing. We were missing proper e-commerce strategy, people resources and defined goals. Lukas gave me a great feedback and explained that his further work might not be effective use of my money. He gave up his monthly renumeration, but he didn’t give up in helping me establish the basics on which he could later continue to build our e-commerce efforts. Not everyone has such a long-term selfless view to do that! Lukas is a goal and results oriented performer with impeccable project management skills. Sometimes I feel like he manages me better than I could do myself! Lukas does not need to market his skills and personal brand spending days on conventions and flashy marketing events. Lukas spends his time delivering results.

David Háma
Co-owner at Plastkon, global manufacturer of plastic goods for home and garden

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Working with Lukas, I have find him as a person with strong business analysis skills and deep understanding of strategical business challenges. Managing international projects, he is a very enthusiastic leader and encourages his teams across different countries to deliver positive results. With his expertise in different areas of online marketing, Lukas helps his teams to achieve growth driving comprehensive and constructive discussions about improving specific campaigns while still keeping the whole business goals in mind. It is a pleasure to work with him and I can highly recommend him to any possible partner.

Alexander Gut
online marketing consultant at DAIR media Düsseldorf

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Lukas is a great professional and a top choice for any company wanting to improve and expand their online marketing efforts. Besides his expertise in online marketing, Lukas provides an extremely high level of engagement in his projects and is extremely tenacious when it comes to delivering positive results. Any company that has the chance to work with Lukas will be happy to see that he deals with their business just as if it were his own. Furthermore, Lukas' understanding of business and strategical thinking sets him apart from traditional online marketing agencies. Besides planning and undertaking successful online marketing campaigns, he's also excellent when it comes to identifying and understanding strategical business challenges. Lately, to all these qualities, Lukas has gained a great deal of experience managing multinational teams & projects. Under Lukas supervision and advice I've become a much better professional and learned a big deal. Also, he's absolutely relentless and passionate about getting results and he really brought me to improve my skills just as any good coach would do. Maybe the best I can say is that I even enjoyed our disagreements and the passionate discussions that followed them. They were always constructive and led invariably to positive results.

Alberto Dominguez
online marketing consultant & manager at

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Lukas is expert in search engine & content optimization field. He helped us develop and maintain our client's content portfolio and in spite the fact the resources on this project were limited, he did a great job. He delivers on time too. I recommend working with Lukas.

Petr Slavík
UX designer & analyst

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If you have a multi-language website and you need help with SEO optimization. Lukas is the right choice for such pursuits. He has immediately found the key problems on the website and offered the best approaches for correcting the weak points. He has awesome approach and swift execution.

Taras Mykolayevych
UI developer at Salsita Software

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Lukas is a true pro with a great deal of experience. He not only has a deep understanding of all the technologies and principles behind search engines and websites - but he also knows which data are important, how to dig them out and how to interpret them so that non-expert people can easily understand them as well. In terms of online marketing, we can use the insights from his analyses in order to create better long-term strategies for our clients’ businesses.

Milan Chvojka
UX team leader at 2Fresh Prague

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When we were redesigning our corporate website we were looking for someone who would help us with SEO and PPC optimalization. Because one of our corporate strategy is "Be smart with media" we were looking for someone who is not only expert in his own business, but also who understands our business and can help us according to our special needs. We have been cooperating with Lukas since May 2015 and we are very satisfied with the work he has done. Lukáš recommended us the SEO strategy and continuously taught us how to use classification analysis and work with on-page and off-page factors. We do appreciate not only his SEO and PPC skills but whole approach to his work. He often thinks beyond, in the context of all marketing activities and goals. And if needed, he reacts very promptly.

Stepan Skripnik
ex-marketing manager at Kooperativa a.s.

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We’ve been working with Lukas on our search marketing growth for over 3 years. Lukas has brought us fantastic value in terms of both reaching our KPIs as well as smooth communication and fearless & flexible approach to many challenges we had to overcome together. Driven by excellent performance and trust we have built over the years, I decided to hire Lukas to help us improve performance of our international e-commerce branches we run across Europe. Within a few months, he was able to deliver first promising results, hand in hand with valuable insights and process improvements on our side. Intercultural environment, deep dive into local data + context analysis as well as fluent presentation in English to our local teams make a great difference and take us to the next level. I believe such a progress speaks for itself and no further evaluation is needed. Thank you Lukas for a great and moreover consistent performance.

David Seibert
marketing director at Jansen Display

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Clear, straight to the point and delivering desired impact. That sums up cooperation through consultations related to search marketing I had with Lukas recently for various projects. I can safely recommend Lukas as an expert in his field.

Jakub Tesárek
Lead Software Engineer at LMC

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I first got to know Lukas through a podcast and felt immediately attracted to his way of thinking. That is why I contacted him later down the road when I needed advice for Kentico. We met a few times and after a lot of listening and thinking, Lukas helped me tremendously to untangle, understand and evaluate our situation. His advice helped me solved the problem we were facing. He wastes no time, he is always well prepared and tackles issues at hand straightforward and efficiently.

Antonín Moravec
COO at Kentico Software

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I worked with Lukáš on the project His role consisted in supervising an existing marketing agency and bringing strategic thinking into the project – setting the direction of the project and devising ways to develop it. Working with Lukáš was of great benefit to me, and he helped us quickly drive the project forward. He is a true professional – I especially admire his common touch, ability to keep his word, and out-of-box thinking. I am certain this was not the last time we worked together.

Ondrej Valisik
business consultant at eCLIENTS

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Lukas and I started working due to a direct recommendation and I am very happy about that. We were building a new website and Lukas helped us from the very beginning. He defined everything we should not forget and thanks to his many years of experience, the process went correctly and efficiently. He oversaw the entire construction of the new website and had a lot of constructive comments that we would not have mistakenly asked the creators without him. Lukas moves in e-commerce like a fish in water, so we entrusted him with the creation of an online marketing strategy and the creation of individual campaigns. We have always been satisfied with his work.

Jana Suchankova
marketing manager at JAP Future s.r.o.

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We did two projects with Lukas, both aimed primarily at SEO and PPC auditing. I was skeptical to hiring external consultant at first, but seeing his outputs I was pleasantly surprised with his complex approach and the level of detail he went into. The added value was immense and further cooperation is therefore inevitable.

Jan Kemza
Head of Media and Digital Marketing at Equa bank a.s.

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We were looking for someone who would take care of our PPC campaigns and SEO and we knew he was the right person from the very first meeting. His focus on clients' business, will to hear out every need, attention to detail and result orientation along with his experience ultimately lead to great results. Apart from that Lukas has a good sense for team-work and always tries to bring something extra even in areas that are not directly related to online marketing of one's business. Working with Lukas is a good investment in your online marketing as well as in your knowledge!

Junis El Hassan
sales and marketing manager at Palmyra Tour

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We have been cooperating with Lukas for almost four years. At first, he was hired as an SEO specialist, but over time he started to take care of our PPC strategy. Thanks to his curious personality, his role shifted to the strategic level. Thanks to his broad level of expertise he can determine on which field to focus next. Lukas’s great advantage is not only the above-average results that he can deliver in a short time but also his ability to work with the in-house team. He has always tried to share his knowledge allowing the team to learn a lot and become independent. Thanks to his openness, everyone on the team quickly builds trust in him. Working with Lukáš is enriching — at the working as well as personal level.

Petr Novak
founder & CEO at

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We have been working with Lukas for over 4 years now. We started with SEO and PPC campaigns first, but Lukas quickly convinced me of his broad overview of e-commerce and ability to help far beyond search. That is why I entrusted him with overseeing preparation and production of our new e-store and later I appointed him as our external e-commerce manager. This decision not only got many executive issues off of my hands and gave me time to focus on other verticals within my company, but Lukas’ firm guidance managed to double our e-commerce performance in the last 2 years while remaining profitable and growing in team and process complexity. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming years with Lukas as one of my chief staff members!

Vaclav Marik
owner of Zahradnictvi Flos

Pavel Minar

I had asked Lukas for help with promoting my Google Workspace training. And it was a damn good decision! We have been cooperating for a very long time now so I can say that Lukas represents a real professional for me — an expert with a sense for detail and focus on the results. It is a pleasure to cooperate with him.

Pavel Minar
IT consultant specialized in Google Workspace as an authorized Google Cloud Partner

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