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Michael Petrus — illustrator, art director, and creative coach


Robert Vlach

Michael Petrus is an elite illustrator, who I would highly recommend to anyone. He can draw well without question, but there are plenty of other people who can too. He has created a number of illustrations for our high-traffic business blog and my articles in major media outlets, so I can name his other advantages as well: 1) He is reliable, which is rare with creative types. 2) He's fast as lightning, if necessary. 3) He embraces technology and is willing to explore or even develop new tools. 4) He's very active on social media, so he knows the common sizes, etc. 5) He doesn't have a single style, so he fits in with almost any creative project. 6) He's easy going and friendly; to work with him is a joy. 7) He also coaches other creative professionals and is pretty well-known and well-informed for his age. So there you have it, your seven reasons to love Michael and hook up with him for your next project — but only if you're fast enough to get into his packed schedule!

Robert Vlach
business consultant and founder of

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Cooperation with Michael? One word, JOY! Michael and his team managed to convert demanding assignments with almost unreal deadline expectations into absolutely perfect results. Our new product line ALBI Science&Crafts got a soul, humor, and exceptional visuals thanks to the great team. Professional attitude, huge helpfulness, and maximum effort to materialize the client's ideas.

Alena Plzakova
category manager at Albi

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Michael participated in last year's redesign of Studenta magazine at all levels. He helped us with the advertisement for illustrators, took completely selection and hiring of the most suitable candidates, and then worked tirelessly with them all year, advising them, mentoring them, and helping to move their work a few levels higher. He worked from home, from the Czech Republic, from abroad, just from anywhere, and always reacted with lightning speed, in short. Nothing was impossible. His absolute professionalism, great willingness, and effort made my life as an editor-in-chief much easier. Especially in the most demanding days before the magazine deadline. His kind and sympathetic manner and his generally positive human attitude and "to get things done" approach also suited me very well. I recommend Michael with all my heart without hesitation.

Marketa Parackova
editor-in-chief at Studenta magazine

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I appreciate Michael's best efforts to understand our idea, but also to recommend what is really going to work. Everything we agreed on also applied.

Barbora Filackova
business owner at WinWinJob

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Reliability, professionalism, novelty, and creativity. These were the criteria in the search for an artist, who would prepare an envelope for a luxurious edition of Čapek’s books. Michael designed the perfect book cover and managed to do even more. His cover was announced as the most beautiful sci-fi envelope by a Czech author in 2014! No more references are needed and we look forward to further cooperation.

Petr Svoren
director of Millennium Publishing

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Michael illustrated my book about parkour. Cooperation with him was completely without problems, he always kept what he promised. He tried to meet my ideas, but he also brought his creative ideas to work, which were always to the benefit of things. As a result, he not only met my expectations but also far exceeded them. He perfectly captured the atmosphere of the story, the illustrations and the cover are great. Michael is a reliable professional, an excellent artist, an open-minded and sympathetic young man. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Eva Dolejsova Stibrova

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Encounters with a man like Michael are unforgettable. He is always perfectly prepared for the discussion and arrives on time. He listens carefully to your worries, difficulties, visions, joys, and ambiguities. To fittingly and calmly reveal shortcomings and recommend a good direction. I enjoyed the meetings. I needed to talk to someone who is from the industry and has enough freelance experience to understand me. I have a lot of advice and recommendations, which I am going to put into practice. I'm really glad I was able to meet Michael Petrus.

Antonin Patek
graphic designer and DTP specialist

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I only have positive experiences with Michael. Collaboration with him is characterized by professionalism, both in negotiation and execution, fairness and, of course, reliability. I definitely need to highlight his work with color and his sense of the atmosphere. His coloring is one of the proofs that he understands his work and does it at the best possible level.

Robert Kalocai
promo producer at TV Nova

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Michael and his team turn our written ideas into vivid color comics for our educational magazine. They take classic English literature and create visually stunning, action-packed pages that are a perfect blend of fantasy and realism for our teenage audience. The team is creative, talented, and very easy to work with.

Auburn Scallon
editor at Bridge Publishing House

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I have experience with Michael both from the point of view of a screenwriter and from the point of view of a comic book client. In the first case, he evaluates very positively the disciplined respect to the sketched storyboard, imaginative visual designs of individual characters, and meeting deadlines. It is the responsible approach to terms, but also the interesting drawing, which is constantly evolving, that are clear arguments for further cooperation for me.

Zdenek Lezak
editor-in-chief of ABC magazine

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Working with Michael was inspiring for me and definitely relieved me of many worries about the concept and implementation of my project communication. It is admirable that he is possible to discuss strategy, organize subcontracting and at the same time draw amazing illustrations. I had a lucky hand in choosing a partner in design and communication.

Lukáš Hemek
caretaker of Dům550

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