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April 22, 2022


The article How to Make Yourself Indispensable as a Freelancer by Sarah Duran outlines three elementary long-term strategies for winning clients and upselling your services:

  1. I hear what they need, not what they think they need
  2. I never, ever drop a ball
  3. I strategically and carefully allow scope creep

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April 21, 2022


The founder of Robert Vlach has been a guest of the latest episode of BW Dialogue — an established Indian business talk show hosted by Dr. Annurag Batra and fellow journalists from the BW BusinessWorld magazine.

The debate covered the latest freelancing trends and other themes from Robert’s book The Freelance Way, recently published by HarperCollins. The full recording is available on YouTube:

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April 20, 2022


Have you seen the new DALL·E 2 [Dali2] AI image generator that can create realistic images and art from a text description?

If not, you absolutely have to because its outputs are quite breathtaking. It sure looks like a microstock killer from the future, not to mention its disrupting potential for the wider creator economy. “Dali” may eventually put some microstock companies and less-skilled illustrators, photographers and designers out of business.

DALL·E 2 is developed by OpenAI, the company behind the famous GPT-3 AI language model for producing human-like texts. You can currently sign up to their waitlist for earlier DALL·E access.

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April 19, 2022


The article’s title How to Change Your Freelance Beat in the Middle of Your Career may sound positive and upbeat. But its contents convey the hard truth: Even these minor career transitions are difficult for freelancers, not to mention the “hard forks” of freelance careers (i.e. switching from one profession to another). The fact is that a good name we may have built as freelancers is often tightly connected with our main expertise.

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April 15, 2022


Something special for the Easter weekend: Warren Buffett sat down for a rare new hour-long interview with Charlie Rose to talk about what makes him happy, his daily routine, and his investments, naturally. At 91, he is in incredible form.

Note: The show’s archive of interviews in the Business category looks like Who’s Who of global business.

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April 14, 2022


All things freelance — that will the topic of an Indian talk-show debate BW Dialogue between Dr. Annurag Batra and his guest Robert Vlach, author of The Freelance Way. Register here to watch live on April 15, 12:30pm GMT (6pm IST).

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April 13, 2022


An article titled A Freelancer’s Guide to Organizing Finances outlines clearly some fundamentals for beginning freelancers:

  • Separate personal and business finances
  • Create and follow a budget
  • Pay yourself first
  • Have money set aside in an emergency fund
  • Save for retirement
  • Continue to pay off debt
  • Don’t forget about insurance
  • Set money aside for taxes
  • Plan for ups and downs
  • Have confidence in your finances

Our take: Most of it is quite sensible, except perhaps the Pay yourself first rule. You should pay your helpers first unless agreed otherwise. Not paying others (because you paid yourself first) can easily damage your reputation.

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April 12, 2022


U2 has released a song titled Walk On Ukraine, played and sung by Bono and Edge. They have joined an ever-growing number of independent artists in support of Ukrainians suffering under the Russian invasion.

Last week, another legendary band, Pink Floyd, released its first new song in 28 years, Hey Hey Rise Up, to support Ukraine.

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April 11, 2022


Joe Pulizzi, who popularized the term content marketing years ago, suggests a new term for professionals who earn a living by creating content — content entrepreneurs. He describes a content entrepreneur as a person who, quote:

  1. Delivers consistent information to a group of people, with plans to build a loyal audience and then monetize that audience over time.
  2. Creates content to build a long-term, successful business (not as a hobby).
  3. Begins primarily on one channel (as a podcaster, a blogger, a YouTuber) and then diversifies into many channels.
  4. Generates revenue from their audience in multiple ways.

Our take: We would prefer the term contentpreneur as an alternative. But Joe is right that creator economy is a much broader term that also includes people who create content as a hobby, as well as makers who, for example, sell handicrafts on Etsy (i.e., they are involved in creator economy but are not content creators). As he writes: “Terms are important.”

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April 8, 2022


Pink Floyd has released their first new music — in 28 years! They and many other independent artists all over the free world are rushing to support Ukrainians in their fight for freedom and dignity.

Can we now get a new Harry Potter book from J. K. Rowling, please? 😊

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