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Roman Veznik — senior copywriter and copywriting consultant specialized in the Czech market and language


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Roman has taken part in designing our microsite Join our school. This website helps pupils of elementary schools to choose the right secondary school. Roman directed the entire project and he drew up the texts in a way to target teenagers . The language and the tone of the communication perfectly square with the marketing strategy of our school. During the recruitment campaign, he prepared texts on the individual education programmes for the school’s official Facebook profile. I appreciate Roman’s highly professional approach, his willingness to help, reliability and punctuality. He has fresh intriguing ideas, and what is key: he can work wonders with words.

Jana Vackova
marketing director at SPST

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To put it simply and shortly: cooperation with Roman Veznik means trust, reliability, novelty, attention to detail, inspiration, open mindedness, enthusiasm and passion to push the project forward, even beyond the agreed scope. Such people are hard to find. Not only is he good at writing and creating engaging texts, but he also understands online marketing and knows how to optimise the setup of a website (not only the content). He can provide some good tips or direct you to the right people. With his texts, Roman can strike the balance, his writing is fresh, witty, loaded with energy and drive. He knows how to highlight the key points and grip the reader´s attention . It is clear that he loves his job. It is a pleasure to work with him!

Zdenka Palatova
owner at ObleCzech

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Roman has helped us create the company name for one of our clients who sells quality tools . Based on the marketing strategy I had drawn up, he came up with a number of suggestions, each well argued. I tested the selected name with a group of customers, and they accepted it unanimously. The client was also happy with the proposed name. The result of our collaboration was a name which helped the client stand out among its competitors and underpinned the overall brand identity. I recommend Roman Veznik without hesitation.

Radim Hasalik
online marketing consultant

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Until recently we made the copy for our blog and website on our own. However, three years ago we decided to ask a professional copywriter to write the blog and we, therefore, got in touch with Roman Veznik. His very first article for us exceeded our expectations and so we immediately agreed on further joint projects. As we have already published many articles on our website, Roman is now busy giving them a fresh touch. I appreciate that he always sticks to the deadline and we have never had to make any amendments to his texts, they are always faultless, snappy, and funny, and accepted at the first time.

Klara Seidlova
co-owner at Optik do domu

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What I appreciate most in Roman is his ability to tune into other people’s minds, often so different to his own. What do I mean by that? I must admit I have a bit of an issue with promotions agencies, copywriters and the like as I have never been able to communicate my ideas over to them so that they could put these ideas on paper either in words or visually, exactly as I wished. To tell the truth, Roman is the first person who understood what I was trying to say, for which he has my admiration, because, believe me, it is not easy at all. I sometimes have the feeling that he gets inside my head and he looks at the world from my perspective. Just to give you an example: just within a very short time, we designed a website that communicated the key idea of the service clearly and unequivocally right from the start. The only task left to be done was to agree with the web-designer on some promotional aspects of the website. But as usual, we were not on the same page, so I had to turn to Roman for help. He deserves many thanks for that. Indeed, I’d rather not recommend his services, because I would like him to have more time for my projects and projects of our company :)

Petr Kotraba
founder of Stabilni podnikani

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I have worked with Roman on the copy for our website and based on this experience I can recommend his services without hesitation. His professional approach truly has no match. And although I did not make it easy for him, he delivered a superb service. When I look back at the time we were preparing the texts together, what stands out is Roman’s genuine interest in delivering a good result, which was palpable in his approach. Roman is the right person for the job and I hope that, sooner or later, we will reunite in our joint copywriting endeavours. Many thanks for the work he has delivered so far.

Jan Fabini
founder of Fabini

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I would like to thank Roman for creating the texts for my website. As soon as I read the first drafts Roman had sent me for a preview, I knew that I had chosen the right copywriter. With his enchanting words, he was able to conjure up a picture that was absolutely spot-on - something I would never be able to do. He was even open to meeting up and helping me with other aspects I was not sure about in relation to the website. People who visit my website and who I am in close contact with have confirmed that the texts are “really cool” and that they have enjoyed reading them.

Iva Mensikova
owner of Dorty Iva

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When we were looking for a copywriter for the website of our small hotel, we hired Roman because of the style of the copy he has on his own website. As we were reading it, we thought: “This is exactly it! Witty, precise, to the point”. Working with Roman was flawless – a professional approach that bears fruit in the form of great texts.

Alzbeta Mrazova a Vojtech Paclik
co-owners of Penzion Macha

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We decided to use Roman Veznik’s services because of his attention to detail, original ideas and immense creativity. He helped us to make further progress as an association of alumni of a grammar school. He presented us with an unconventional idea of Alumni and was able to perfectly grasp our needs. We also appreciate the possibility of ad-hoc cooperation – even a single intervention by Roman makes a difference.

Alena Kravarcikova
marketing coordinator at Alumni GJK

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Sophisticated, professional and innovative. These are the three key qualities Roman brought that helped our staff to improve their writing skills. He prepared letter templates for us and a list of tips for writing emails. He pointed out the most frequent mistakes and was readily at our service when we needed to consult him.

Ivana Pelanova
CEO of a consulting company

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