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Tomas Bilek — IT consultant and Solution/Enterprise Architect focused on digitalization and digital transformation


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Perfect and professional approach. Tomáš Bílek was helpful, he rushed to help when needed. I can only recommend him. It is obvious that he has solved many problems (Python, Django) many times and knows where to go.

Jan Hodic

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We approached Tomáš as an external consultant for the architectural design of the newly emerging information system we are creating for our client. The cooperation was arranged very quickly. Tomáš is professional in his own right with a broad technological background and proven experience in the field. Among his other values, he prides himself on effective communication. After a basic project introduction, he was able to bring fresh insight and add relevant opinions and recommendations to our technical decisions. Working with Tomas has been beneficial and I can highly recommend it. If it's true that more heads know, Tomas will stand for several.

Jindřich Dědek

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