Tomas Cernovsky

certified social media and online marketing consultant

Tomas Cernovsky
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: Europe
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech
Listed in: Marketing & Sales

I'll make you shine on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. I will raise awareness of your product or brand and boost sales with precisely targeted campaigns.

Although my main focus is on social media, thanks to my extensive experience in a multinational marketing agency, my expertise overlaps with online marketing as a whole — I will align all your digital marketing activities, giving them a clear sense of purpose and order. Where necessary, I will also employ my network of contacts to supplement my expertise with proven specialists to meet all of your needs and expectations.

I've been doing marketing for clients of all sizes for 8 years, and in that time I've managed 7-figure budgets, bringing back multiple returns on the investment. These are the areas I work on most often:

  • Branding and performance campaigns — preparing the strategy and tactics of how to design the campaign in order to achieve the best possible results and then executing it, setting it up, and optimizing it to perfection
  • Conversion campaigns that generate sales for online stores — campaigns that generate sales for online stores are quite specific, and I have the necessary experience with these types of campaigns for avoiding overspending and ineffective advertising
  • Conversion campaigns to collect leads for B2B & B2C clients — if you need to generate leads and inquiries, I have extensive experience with these campaigns as well
  • Prospecting and remarketing campaigns — these campaigns can cover all kinds of clients, and I know how to choose the right balance between acquisition and remarketing
  • Social media profile management — this involves creating content, designing communication topics, copywriting and building awareness of your brand through social media posts
  • Online marketing strategies — at the beginning, it's a good idea to stop and think about which advertising channels to choose to communicate and reach your goals, who your target audience is, where your target audience is, how you will communicate to them, and what steps are needed to achieve your goals
  • Online marketing consultations — I will consult with you to see if your marketing strategies are being executed correctly and efficiently, or suggest steps to help you achieve your goals
  • Online advertising and social media training for your team

My current rate is usually €65 per hour,depending on the type and scope of your project. If you are interested in working with me or any of the services listed above, I would be happy to schedule an introductory call with you to discuss your options.

More about me: I graduated from the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. I am constantly educating myself in the field of online advertising so that I can deliver the highest quality work to my clients — I regularly attend courses, webinars, workshops and conferences on online advertising, e-commerce and social media networks. In general, I follow new marketing trends that translate into real business results. My values are: efficiency, honesty, a positive mindset, hard work, trust, a human approach, openness, and critical thinking.

Official certifications

  • Facebook / Meta Media Buying Professional
  • Facebook / Meta Media Planning Professional
  • Facebook / Meta Creative Strategy Professional
  • LinkedIn Marketing Labs, Fundamentals certification
  • LinkedIn Marketing Labs, Marketing Strategy certification
  • Digisemestr Online
  • Shoptet

My achievements & career milestones

In my career as a social media and online marketer, I consider my greatest successes to be when my clients are able to generate positive returns on their advertising investments. Or when I deliver the KPIs that the client and I agreed upon.

My experience draws on my work at a multinational advertising agency where I managed campaigns for large and small clients alike. Namely: O2, Škoda Auto DigiLab, Heineken Group, Deutsche Bahn, Sodexo, Penny, Albert, Twisto, Fischer and Exim Tours travel agencies, Solitea (accounting programs), OZP, Mojedatovka, Moneta Money Bank, Walmark (dietary supplements), Česká Apotéka (cosmetics and dietary supplements), Nutraceutics (dietary supplements), Ultra Premium Brands (alcohol), AAA Auto, ČSOB, the Spectra Agency, and many others.

I participated in several tenders and helped to create strategies for dozens of clients (mostly medium and large companies). So, if you are looking for strategy development within online advertising, I will be happy to take it on.

Whether you have tens or hundreds of thousands to invest in online advertising per month, I'm the right person to help you spread your investment across the right channels and then follow up with hands-on campaign execution.

My results speak for themselves. The vast majority of campaigns have ended up with a positive return on ad investment or achieving the predetermined KPIs. You can check out my website in the testimonials section or visit the Shoptet Partners page for more testimonials.

Communication with clients is my strength. I mostly communicate with clients via email or tools like Asana, Trello, Basecamp, or Freelo. I also prefer e-personal contact, i.e. Google Meet, Zoom or Teams for reporting and presenting strategies. Sometimes it's best to have a phone call, quite often one call is worth dozens of emails.

Tomas Cernovsky

Contact details

Tomas Cernovsky
Pod Harfou 34
190 00
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 723 333 859
VAT ID:CZ9311281012

Firsthand recommendations

Tomas is very reliable, honest hard worker, who is well oriented in contemporary marketing trends and is able to transfer them into actual business results (that is the most important thing). He can flexibly react to a client’s needs as well as to various market challenges, which all brands face, regardless of the type of product or service. It is simply great to work with him (and that is the second most important thing).

Tomáš Preněk Head of Strategy, Publicis Groupe, Prague

Tomas is in charge of some of our clients’ social network communication. I am used to let each and every one of our suppliers explain and defend their suggestions and procedures and what I appreciate is that Tomas faces all my remarks in a professional and constructive way. I also know that everything we agree on will work- and that is priceless in our complex field.

Matěj Mrázek founder of, Prague

I definitely recommend Tomas. Quick actions, modern concepts, good and systematic ideas are the best qualities. He is able to analyze situations well and listens to a client’s needs. He cooperates with his colleagues, who are able to contribute to other improvements of services.

Ondřej Klika founder and owner of KlikaDent, Prague
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