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Tomas Cernovsky — certified social media and online marketing consultant


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Tomas is very reliable, honest hard worker, who is well oriented in contemporary marketing trends and is able to transfer them into actual business results (that is the most important thing). He can flexibly react to a client’s needs as well as to various market challenges, which all brands face, regardless of the type of product or service. It is simply great to work with him (and that is the second most important thing).

Tomáš Preněk
Head of Strategy, Publicis Groupe, Prague

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Tomas is in charge of some of our clients’ social network communication. I am used to let each and every one of our suppliers explain and defend their suggestions and procedures and what I appreciate is that Tomas faces all my remarks in a professional and constructive way. I also know that everything we agree on will work- and that is priceless in our complex field.

Matěj Mrázek
founder of, Prague

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I definitely recommend Tomas. Quick actions, modern concepts, good and systematic ideas are the best qualities. He is able to analyze situations well and listens to a client’s needs. He cooperates with his colleagues, who are able to contribute to other improvements of services.

Ondřej Klika
founder and owner of KlikaDent, Prague

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From the first phone call with Tomas I knew that I made the right choice. It is always obvious when things are done by heart. Thank you, Tomas, that you take such a good care of me on that network. Your always, Filip

Filip Čapka
actor in popular TV shows Ulice, Polopatě, etc.

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Communication, promptness (we discussed web design practically overnight), effective solutions of individual requests, help with marketing plans for social networks. These are only small parts of our collaboration with Tomas. He made total reliability and professional approach as his standard. This is our second cooperation and it is definitely not the last one!

Pavel Kosť
founder and owner of Pavel Kosť Fyzioterapie

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We came across Tomas by accident, when we were looking for an external help, which would manage our social networks, especially performance marketing and its evaluation. We have been collaborating for a few months now and we cannot complain. Tomas is very accurate, reliable, creative and helpful. He is dedicated to his clients, we have regular video calls where we discuss contemporary cooperation and search for other improvements. We are quite demanding client, especially when it comes to planning, so we do a lot of things ad hoc and Tomas is such a great support. He is very effective and adaptive no matter what the task is. He is well-oriented in the field, follows the trends, which he communicates to the client and apply if needed. Thanks to you, Tomas, we are able to communicate on Facebook effectively and better than ever.

Katarína Zubová
Marketing Specialist at Arval BNP Paribas Group, Prague

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We addressed Mr. Cernovsky based on references to help us with campaign setup on social networks and Google Ads for our new project. We really appreciate straightforward approach and searching for innovative solutions. We value him especially for regular and thorough reports of campaign results, adhering to the deadlines, professional approach and help with planning of other strategies. We are glad that we found a reliable person, who we can count on.

Veronika Svobodová
Marketing coordinator at Hypergroup (Onlineroušky, OnlineMedical, Ecorevolution, Econeptun)

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I am really glad I was able to find such a skillful partner when it comes to ad setup. I like your initiative reactions, practical experience and ability to explain every step. You are the first one, who does not have to be checked on every day. You always give a good advice and come up with ideas, which is priceless.

Anna Kononova
Marketing coordinator at Aetherclinic, Prague

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I came across Tomas randomly via Facebook ad, when I was looking for a marketing specialist for our website and from our first call I knew, he was the right choice. Tomas is a real professional with human approach, who is able to look at problems from a complex perspective and solve them effectively and quickly. We cooperated on lots of projects and all of them had the best outcome. We are absolutely satisfied and can recommend Tom all the way!

Klára Severová
Marketing manager at Chess in Art, Prague

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I have been working with Tom for more than a year now and I am absolutely satisfied with our collaboration from the very beginning. He never pushed me into anything. There was always a piece of advice, consultation and then searching for the best solutions for my problems. What I also value so much is that he always did everything exactly as we agreed on.

Daniel Cidlinský
entrepreneur and founder of Avenir Financial Group, Pojistenidoma

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I was organizing “1. Fairytale forrest” when I asked Tomas to help promote the event and we ended up with more than 6000 attendants. I was amazed by his professional and human approach, that I definitely want to enter into a long-term cooperation for other projects.

Michaela Žiaková
Marketing coordinator, HUD / HCL, Mlada Boleslav

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We have been cooperating with Tomas on preparing ad campaigns on Facebook for a while now. There hasn’t been any problem since then. Tomas is a reliable and a professional co-worker. Alongside the preparation of campaigns he also prepares their clear and best quality analyses. We can definitely recommend a cooperation with him.

Marie Horňáková
Marketing manager at Naviga4, 3Dees Industries

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I approached Tomáš for a one-off social ads audit for one of our agency's clients. From the beginning he communicated very professionally and pleasantly, the estimate of the work was realistic and Tomáš met the time allocation for the project. The output met, if not exceeded, our expectations and certainly moved us forward in our work. His tips were very useful and he touched on topics that we had not thought of "at first". I can therefore recommend Tomáš with a clear conscience to anyone who wants to get to grips with social ads or get independent advice on whether there is room for improvement and greater effectiveness in their campaign setup.

Marieta Kadlecová
Social Media Strategist and owner of Seichō Media, Prague

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I worked with Tom at the agency for many years. When I was looking for someone to manage our performance campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn at Feedyou, Tom was the obvious choice. Not only does he help us consult on possible approaches and solutions, but we essentially have a turnkey service. Since he has taken over our campaigns, performance has gone up dramatically. I can only recommend Tom, there are not many similar experts on the Czech market.

František Procházka
Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Feedyou

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