Tomas Stanek

English-Czech interpreter and translator

Tomas Stanek
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech
Listed in: Languages & Translation

I offer English-Czech and Czech-English translation and interpreting services (both consecutive and simultaneous) and I specialise in technology, but can also offer politics, culture and other areas.

My strengths include speed, flexibility and attention to detail, and all my Czech to English translations are checked by a British professional proof-reader. I have translated 8 books and hundreds of technical manuals, many of them including graphics. I use SDL Trados Studio software as a CAT tool.

I have been working as an interpreter and translator since 1991 and have a strong and extensive professional record — interpreting for the Czech Prime Minister, ambassadors of the USA, UK, Israel, India and Switzerland, as well as for Nestlé, Unilever, both of the Czech nuclear power plants, and many more. I have a master’s equivalent university degree in a technical field.

In addition, I can transcribe English and Czech audio/video recordings, create and time-code film subtitles, provide professional interpreting equipment (a full-scope cabin, or tour guide/chuchotage set) and offer the services of a tour guide (20 years of guiding English-speaking biking trips in Central Europe).

English-Czech interpretation highlights

Interpreting for Israeli ambassador to Czechia, G. Koren Interpreting for Swiss ambassador to Czechia, M. A. Antonietti Interpreting for SALTO mission to Dukovany nuclear power plant Interpreting for Israeli ambassador to Czechia, J. Levy Interpreting for the Czech Prime Minister, B. Sobotka Interpreting of a press conference at the Colours of Ostrava music festival Interpreting for the Czech Senate, Petr Pithart’s working team Interpreting for the U.S. ambassador to Czechia, W. Cabaniss Interpreting at a presentation of the U.S. embassy in the Czech Republic English interpreting for the Heidelberg Cement Group Interpreting of Mark Gungor’s show at the Colours of Ostrava festival Interpreting of the official meeting of environmental ministers of V4 countries Interpreting of the press conference with the Hereditary Prince Alois of Lichtenstein Interpreting of an autograph session with Simon Mawer In a cabin, before interpreting of a conference meeting in Geneva

Selected clients for English-Czech interpreting services

  • Politics and international diplomacy
    • ambassadors — USA (R. Graber, W. Cabaniss, C. Stapleton, A. Basora), Great Britain (A. Pringle), Israel (D. Meron, G. Koren, J. Levy, R. Gvir), India (V. Ashok), Switzerland (M. A. Antonietti)
    • Czech Senate — a team of senator Pithart
    • Czech Prime Minister — B. Sobotka
    • Czech Minister of the Environment — R. Brabec
    • Governors of the South Moravian region — B. Šimek, M. Hašek
    • Majors of the City of Brno — P. Vokřál, R. Onderka
    • Czech EU Presidency
    • Hereditary Prince Alois of Lichtenstein
    • Nobel Laureate prof. Paul Nurse
  • Technology and business
    • Interpreting worldwide — India, Singapore, Israel, Great Britain, Turkey, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and more
    • ČEZ, nuclear power plants in Dukovany and Temelín — OSART, WANO, and SALTO missions
    • Nestlé (Swiss headquarters)
    • Unilever (food production facilities)
    • Iveco (buses)
    • Ecolab (global industrial sanitation systems)
    • Unicredit Bank
    • European Investment Bank
    • EU representatives (tenders for EU-funded projects)
    • World Monument Fund, The Czech National Heritage Institute
    • ABB
    • CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology)
    • Heidelberg Cement Group
    • Strabag (large construction projects)
    • Brno Airport
    • Westrock Packaging Systems
    • APP Systems (SAP software)
  • Public life and culture
    • Embassy of the United States in Prague
    • Masaryk University in Brno (MUNI)
    • Brno University of Technology (VUT)
    • Mendel University in Brno
    • Drug Enforcement Administration (USA)
    • Colours of Ostrava music festival
    • Yad Vashem in Jerusalem (The World Holocaust Remembrance Centre)
    • FebioFest film festival
    • Czech Police
    • Czech TV

Selected examples of translation services (active or long-term clients)

  • National Geographic Channel (managed a team providing Czech subtitles for around 2000 documentaries)
  • Brno University of Technology, Institute of Production Machines, Systems and Robotics
  • Fender, Warwick (musical instruments)
  • CNC-Inaxes (automated machining centres)
  • The Czech National Heritage Institute (administration of state-owned heritage sites)
  • Tescoma (kitchen utensils)
  • Hrůša & Pelčák Architects (construction of IKEA shopping centre in Brno – thousands of pages of technical documentation)
  • Eurogreen (computer-controlled irrigation systems)
  • Ecolab (sanitation systems and chemicals)
  • CompoTech Plus (award-winning innovative carbon-fibre composite components)
  • Artax (Microsoft products)
  • Hexagon Metrology (3D industrial measuring and visualisation)
Tomas Stanek

Contact details

Tomas Stanek
Barvicova 62/80
602 00
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 777 088 482

Firsthand recommendations

One of my best experiences of working at Colours of Ostrava in July 2014 was the blessing of having Tomáš Staněk interpret for the second of my discussions before an audience. It was the one that I led and moderated with the Welsh group, 9Bach. Tomáš was brilliant, at ease and a total natural. He got into the spirit of our spontaneous discussion and rolled with the flow. I am bilingual (English and High German), translate and have also interpreted. As the idiomatic expression in English puts it, it takes one to know one. I sensed from early on in the discussion that Tom had the knack. I have a limited, truly passive grasp of Czech. I make no claims for my Czech yet since 2006, aside from writing lyrics in English, I have also written lyrics in Czech which my primary songwriting partner, the rather well-known Czech violin-vocal virtuoso Iva Bittová who feels they are poetic and/or good enough to set to music, to sing and record. I look forward, as I told Colours of Ostrava, to working with Tom in the future. How many interpreters get this sort of endorsement? It takes one to know one.

Ken Hunt music critic, journalist and broadcaster

Enercon Industries hired Tomáš as a translator for a packaging exhibition in Brno in February 2016. We were very impressed with Tomáš from the moment he arrived at the exhibition. His technical background was very useful and he was a fantastic help with customers visiting the stand. He was very proactive throughout and was a great addition to our team. As well as speaking to potential customers on the stand he also did some written translations for us as well – he was very thorough when doing this to ensure 100% accuracy. Enercon would happily recommend Tomáš and we look forward to working with him again.

Rebecca Hughes European Marketing Manager at Enercon

If you are looking for a professional and charismatic interpreter and translator, then you should not hesitate to ask for his services. I am fascinated by his very careful approach to making professional translations, his calm and relaxed manner of interpreting and his excellent knowledge of the specific terminology of electrical engineering. Whether at conferences or in technical documentation, our clients receive the correct sense of what was said or written. And that's what it's all about. I have known Tomáš Staněk for many years, and my work with him has confirmed that he can communicate virtually anything language-wise, including jokes and puns.

Radek Palán CEO of APS (backup energy sources and batteries)
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