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March 23, 2022


Jon Younger has put out an impressive Forbes article on How Global Freelance Platforms Are Supporting Ukrainian Freelancers.

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March 22, 2022


Freelance graphic designer Vaclav Kudelka got angry with stupid Uncle Vanya’s plagiarism of McDonalds’ logo. So he decided to ridicule the Russian copycats with a brand new set of Russian-ized logos of Western online brands entitled We don’t need your internet! 💙💛

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March 21, 2022


Are you struggling with podcast or video editing, screen recording, and voice transcription? Meet Descript, a remarkable video editing/transcription app that enables you to overdub mistakes, cut filling words and more. Descript has been trending in our community for quite a while, and it also supports a number of European languages. Just watch their awww-some intro.

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March 18, 2022


The new film documentary The Lost Leonardo (perhaps inspired by Ben Lewis’ book) covers the extraordinary story of the painting Salvator Mundi attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci. The film offers a sneak peek into the world of professional art dealers, collectors, connoisseurs, restorers, and other art experts, many of whom freelance.

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March 18, 2022


Russia, supported by Belarus, has invaded Ukraine and is committing war crimes against its people. Therefore, we have disabled links to all freelance platforms in Russia or Belarus, and disabled membership applications for any freelancers based in there. We stand with Ukraine 💙💛

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March 16, 2022


Are you a casual coder, programming just bits of simple code from time to time? The chances are that you have not tried Visual Studio Code yet. Hugely popular among developers, loved by beginners for its simplicity, this is one of the best pieces of software Microsoft has ever produced! Better yet, it is free for all—freelance developers’ best friend.

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March 15, 2022


When it comes to reporting on current affairs in markets and economics (which also affect us freelancers), two international media outlets truly stand out: The Economist magazine and The Financial Times newspaper. The latter has made key Ukraine coverage free to read to keep everyone informed as events unfold. Respect!

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March 14, 2022


“Don’t freak out about the immediate risks of a nuclear war. They’re very low.” — That’s roughly the key message of a recent nuclear warcasting summary by Scott Alexander, quoting a prediction by a team of the world’s best superforecasters.

If you have never heard of Scott Alexander before, consider subscribing to his Substack newsletter/blog Astral Codex Ten. He’s arguably one the most influential intellectuals in America, and smart as hell. Forecasting is one of his favorite topics, and his writing will always lead you to be less wrong — no matter what your freelance expertise is.

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March 11, 2022


“Freelancers (and entrepreneurs in general) have become lazy and brainwashed by the narrative of overnight success built from a single social media post, viral blog, or killer freebie,” writes Sarah Duran in her article No more funnels: how freelancers should find clients, arguing for a modest-but-powerful networking strategy instead.

Solid advice and some gems of proven freelance wisdom in there: “When you’re a freelancer, finding clients you can marry instead of just date will not only make your work more satisfying, it will remove you from the feast/famine mentality of constantly having to hustle.”

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March 9, 2022


Freelancing “has a supply problem, not a demand problem,” writes Jon Younger in a recent Forbes article, and he’s probably right. He also ponders some difficult questions, for example:

“Many schools offer an entrepreneur track for future business builders; why not also prepare interested students for a career in solopreneurship?” — That’s exactly the kind of problem some university courses like From Student ID to Business ID are trying to solve.

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