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May 26, 2020


When you cross borders as a freelancer, pricing can be a greater challenge than setting prices on your particular domestic, national or local market. This requires making an intelligent assessment, asking peers, and weighing numerous pricing factors. One of the most useful research tools here is Clutch. It isn't primarily a gig platform for freelancers and their typical clients like, say, Upwork. However, it may still be very helpful in reviewing regular hourly rates in IT, (web) development, and marketing for companies as well as independent professionals. The results can be filtered geographically (or to freelancers only, by the Employees filter), enabling you to estimate a price range for given expertise and location. Unlike many closed platforms, Clutch is also free to use and access websites of listed companies and professionals.

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May 22, 2020


If you are a freelancer working in a coworking space (or interested in coworking trends), there is a free, international Coworking Symposium online conference on May 27 worthy of your attention. The event organized by Marko Orel from Prague’s University of Economics is packed with leading coworking researchers and supporters from the European Coworking Assembly, Coworking Library, etc. There will also be a talk (by Robert Vlach) about the signs of an advanced freelance economy and how can they be supported by coworking spaces. Free online registration takes only a minute.

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May 18, 2020


Lateral Action is one of the world’s best resources for “creative entrepreneurs,” developed by an award-winning poet and a creative coach Mark McGuinness. He’s been coaching creative professionals since 1996, so there’s a lot of valuable content to explore, including his 21st Century Creative podcast, blog, and books. This really should be a permanent online bookmark for any freelancing creative.

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May 15, 2020


Have you ever considered writing a book about a professional topic but then hesitated because it would be… well, too boring? In that case, you need to read Mark Miodownik’s books Stuff Matters (2013) and Liquid Rules (2018). Mark is a world-class material scientist and both of his books are a top-notch popular science. Yet somehow, they are also short and highly engaging for any reader, an excellent example of how to popularize expert knowledge. As one of our friends, who translated Mark’s book, said: “When he writes about subjects like reinforced concrete, it’s still way more entertaining than your average thriller.”

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May 13, 2020


Many freelancers experience anxiety during their careers in a moment of a personal or business crisis. While there are many rather superfluous online articles on how to deal with such moments, Tomas Baranek’s Pocket Guide to Anxiety and Panic is a rare exception. Being a successful publisher with an inborn tendency towards neuroticism led him to a number of surprising life-hacks described in his article. Keep reading and don’t panic.

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May 12, 2020


Gig Economy Data Hub is arguably the best collection of gig economy data out there. It won't probably help you much in doing freelance business, but it's great for grasping the broader context of the freelance economy as a part of a larger gig-oriented non-traditional workforce.

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May 9, 2020


Today (May 9) is Europe Day, a day celebrating peace and unity in Europe ❣

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May 9, 2020


We’re starting after several months of development, and almost exactly 15 years after we launched its Czech precursor, which became one of the largest and most active freelance communities in all of Europe.

This is basically a soft launch without any promotional events around it. Instead, we plan to add a number of features in the upcoming weeks and slowly grow our membership base beyond the 9 founding members already listed in our freelance directory. It will certainly take months, or even years, to reach a broad European audience and that’s exactly the kind of challenge we like. It takes time to grow a community and it makes all the more sense to start from the depth of the biggest economic crisis in years.

There’s hope in every new beginning, as things may gradually return to normal and even reach new heights. Helping each other out and sharing the common journey is going to be the glue that binds this new, European community together.

We’re glad you came around so early to see our humble beginnings in real time: Check out our small (but soon to be growing) directory of freelancers, our list of countries and their freelance resources, as well as our selection of great books for freelancers. You are also most welcome to join us, there’s even a special starting offer waiting for you.

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