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February 2, 2022


International payments in Europe used to be slow and expensive. Not anymore. SEPA euro payments are perhaps the cheapest and most reliable payment method for international money transfers in the world, supported by most European banks.

To use it as a freelancer for sending and receiving euro payments, you just need a bank account in euros with an assigned IBAN number. We also use SEPA payments at to receive membership fees.

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January 31, 2022


A recent article by The Economist with an accompanying episode on their Money Talks podcast debunks great resignation along with the antiwork movement as mostly transitional in the U.S. and virtually non-existent in continental Europe.

The phenomenon has often been quoted in relation to freelancing, but as The Economist argues, the data don’t hold up. Over the long term, there has been a steady decline of entrepreneurs in America. Even the current surge of full-time freelancers is unlikely to upend that trend.

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January 28, 2022


“The number one asset that you will ever possess — and I say this to every single coaching client I work with: Your No. 1 most valuable asset is YOU. You are the biggest factor in your own success. When you look at it in terms of assets, your experience, your knowledge, your skills, your mindset and personality, your courage, your determination, your resilience… all of these are the qualities that you bring to bear on your next project, whatever that is. You can't create anything that you haven't somehow ingested, taken in from the world, or dreamt up within yourself,” explains Mark McGuinness the very essence of understanding so-called creative assets in this clip from his talk Forget the career ladder — Start creating assets!

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January 27, 2022


This is awww-esome! Habitica app turns building habits and completing to-do’s into a role-playing game.

🐉 Fight monsters, collect items, rewards, compete with friends and join interest groups to gamify your work, education, wellness and life in general.

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January 25, 2022


Once in a while, there comes a great book that lets outsiders comprehend an obscure profession. The Last Leonardo by Ben Lewis is that kind of book — a fascinating story of the most controversial piece of art in modern history: the recently discovered painting Salvator Mundi attributed to late Leonardo Da Vinci, sold for a record-breaking sum of $450M including auction house commission.

In the book, Ben Lewis explains how the inner world of art collectors, dealers, restorers, UHNWIs, auction houses, connoisseurs and experts (many of them freelance) works on the inside. If you are an art lover, artist or creative, get it!

Note: A film documentary The Lost Leonardo (perhaps inspired by this book) is coming out later this year.

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January 21, 2022


Sigrun Gudjonsdottir is a well-known online entrepreneur and the host of The Sigrun Show, a popular podcast covering many business topics relevant to other female entrepreneurs as well as freelancers. To get an idea, listen to an episode on How women network.

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January 19, 2022


Freelancers who use a mouse or a keyboard all day long can run into trouble. Typical mice aren’t made for such extensive use. They don’t leave your hand in the best position, and if you have to work all day long, you may start experiencing a strange feeling in your fingers, palm, or wrist. It usually means nothing, but it can be a warning sign for the start of carpal tunnel syndrome, which can develop into wrist problems that require immediate treatment.

Fortunately there is ergonomic hardware out there made precisely for long shifts at a PC. There is a large pack of companies making it, but Microsoft has always led that pack with years of refinement. Their Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse is special in that its support surfaces angle out towards the side, and so your hand rests comfortably on the outer edge of your palm, with a naturally straightened wrist and your forearm resting fully on your desk.

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January 17, 2022


“Imagine waking up, and you are Stephen King or Kate Bush or whoever your favorite star may be. Are you worried about where your next gig is coming from, or your next paycheck, or your next exciting opportunity?” asks Mark McGuinness to introduce creative assets in this clip from his talk Forget the career ladder — Start creating assets!

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January 14, 2022


American CNBC regularly covers freelance success stories in the Side Hustle section of their Make it business portal. Here’s one example: This 26-year-old quit her engineering job to pursue her side hustle full-time and brought in $170,000 in one year

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January 12, 2022


Reddit ‘antiwork’ forum booms as millions of Americans quit jobs, Financial Times report. Antiwork “encourages followers to work as little as possible in traditional jobs or abandon them altogether for self-employment, with the goal of prioritising leisure time.”

The r/antiwork thread on Reddit surged from 180,000 members in October 2020 to 1.6 million as people reconsider their career options for the post-covid era — a major trend also covered by the State of Independence 2021 report.

Our take: Antiemployment would be a more precise term (though less catchy), but it is too soon to tell anyway. The boom of various forms of freelancing (including gig work) has been prophesized many times since the 1990s, but the numbers of self-employed were falling for decades or stagnating at best. Naturally, it is much easier to start freelancing than keeping at it successfully for five or ten years.

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