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October 12


As a part of ongoing Freelance Business Month, Robert Vlach will be discussing Freelancer’s business negotiations in an online Q&A session this Thursday. There are 50 seats left, you can register for free and submit your questions in advance.

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October 11


Congrats to Rafael Nadal for winning his 20th Grand Slam title today at Roland Garros 🏆 He’s a true role model as an independent professional and also the sport’s greatest fighter: “Keep going, stay positive,” was his message to the crowd after the match.

Speaking of fighters, this is also a reminder to catch up with Steven Pressfield’s ongoing video series about The Warrior Archetype. It’s surprising how relevant are these ancient histories for our hardships today.

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October 9


Breaking news: European Freelancers Week (October 16–25) has just released the first 20+ events on their website — while you can still register yours and have it promoted by them all over Europe 📢

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October 7


The Future of Airbnb seems to be more local and rural, based on short-distance longer-term rentals, according to Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky and The New York Times. Many hosts were upset by their recent refund policy siding with guests, but home rentals now outperform hotels.

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October 5


Freelance Heroes is an outstanding community of 10,000+ UK-based freelancers. They run a members directory, organize a Freelancer Heroes Day on November 6, and have a blog as well as a podcast — its latest episode with Elina Jutelyte covered the now-running Freelance Business Month.

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October 1


Freelance Business Month, this year’s largest online event for freelancers, has just been launched. You can still register for free and learn from over 50 speakers from all over the world. It’s truly one of the few 2020’s positive highlights 🎯

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September 30


The Freelancers Manifesto that has just been released by European Freelancers Week ahead of the main event is an excellent piece of policy change to be implemented. Please add your signature to support the good cause ✌ Here’s the abridged outline:

  1. Recognition​ — Give us official status at all levels of government and legislation. Talk to our representative organisations and give us a seat at the table.
  2. Definition​ — We are highly skilled self-employed workers without employees. We are fixed term contractors, we are the people innovating the models of work with new approaches. Realise that we’re not the same as small and medium size enterprises.​
  3. Regulation — When you create policy about employment and industry, think about how it will specifically affect freelancers, the smallest among small businesses.​
  4. Access​ — Make sure freelancers can access all government services, bid for official contracts, participate in training programs and qualify for funding. Design a welfare system more considerate to freelancers' needs.
  5. Counting​ — Include freelancers in all official statistics, and better research our sector. Don’t put us together with other small business categories.
  6. Coworking​ — Make Europe the best place to be a business by building world-class infrastructures for freelancers, making government contracts freelancer-friendly and incentivising the use of shared work spaces.

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September 29


We’re proud to welcome our new star member: Mark McGuinness is a UK-based coach for creative professionals, author of four books for creatives, a contributor to two international bestsellers, and host of The 21st Century Creative podcast

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September 28


One won’t expect independent professionals to sign $100-million exclusivity deals. Yet that’s precisely what happened with Joe Rogan and Spotify, binding the most famous podcaster to the largest streaming platform. Good for him, rather risky for Spotify 🤞

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September 25


Psst! Wanna tip for your next European trip? The Coconat Workation Retreat in the countryside near Berlin is one of the world’s cutest coworking/coliving spaces for freelancers and digital nomads. Its name stands for community and concentrated work in nature — and that’s exactly what it is.

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