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February 2, 2023


Long-term reliability is one of the most important success factors in freelancing because clients rely on both our expertise and its delivery.

Nick Maggiulli, the author of Just Keep Buying, recently wrote about this topic. Become an uncertainty killer, he suggests, pointing out that reliable people build trust at every turn and create allies wherever they go. His career advice is as reliable as it is simple:

“Do it with everyone you work with. Practice reducing uncertainty so that it becomes second nature to you. Practice it until you become an uncertainty killer. Then watch what happens.”

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January 31, 2023


  1. The overall website traffic of soared by 286% (YoY), thanks to improved Google search rankings and a bulk of the newly published content.
  2. We published 162 news items and sent 12 monthly newsletters to subscribers from all over the world. While the number of subscribers grew steadily, our unsubscription rate remained well below 0.1%.
  3. The number of freelancers listed in our open directory jumped to 130 members.
  4. People who visit and hire European freelancers are mainly from Europe and the USA. But we also had many visitors from India, China, Turkey, Canada, and Brazil.
  5. The Freelance Way has been published worldwide by HarperCollins, including a 20-hour audiobook on Audible. The international bestseller based on best business practices of European and US freelancers is also available in Bulgarian, Serbian, Czech, and Slovak.
  6. Robert Vlach delivered the opening keynote at the Day of the Freelancer conference in Brussels. It was organized for 200 Belgian and Dutch freelancers by Unizo, Jellow, and NextConomy (see a related interview).
  7. We were media partners for the major freelance events European Freelancers Week and Freelance Business Month.
  8. Our list of European resources for freelancers grew up to 416 entries in 35 countries, and we keep on adding new ones. However, we stand by Ukraine, so we have excluded resources in Russia and Belarus.
  9. We released all 6 lectures from the two Freelance Friends events on YouTube.
  10. We reached over 200,000 freelancers on social media every month.

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January 26, 2023


Artificial intelligence is a hot topic among freelancers right now. But relatively little is being said about the risk it poses. This is what Toby Ord describes in his book The Precipice, about existential risks and the future of humanity.

Ord describes general artificial intelligence as one of the greatest risks facing humanity in the coming century. As a proponent of effective altruism, he ends the book by trying to motivate readers to get involved in their professions to prevent this and other major threats.

If you work in IT or are interested in the future of AI, this is a book not to be missed.

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January 26, 2023


Making online calls in a busy environment? Check out Krisp, an AI-powered noise cancelling app that efficiently removes unwanted noise like background voices, keyboard clicks, barking, or fan humming. It works with most of the popular apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Teams etc. and is available in a basic version for free (60 minutes of calls per day).

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January 23, 2023


U.S. Federal Trade Commission proposes a ban on non-compete agreements that would also cover independent contractors (freelancers) and interns in addition to full-time employees.

The Economist welcomes FTC’s proposal, citing an estimate that as many as one-fifth of American workers are restricted by non-compete clauses, reducing innovation and productivity spread as a result.

Our take: If this goes through in the USA (and later in the EU), it could be one of the most important pieces of legislation to support freelancers. Many independents who work for established companies are expected to sign non-compete agreements without adequate compensation, making them less competitive and tying their expertise to a limited number of clients. Breaking these shackles would be a good thing.

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January 20, 2023


Here’s a new testimonial from our member Jakub Res, who is based in the UK:

“Opportunities don't happen, you create them — such as by joining As well as significantly improving your visibility on the Internet, the website gives you a sense of belonging to a vibrant and inspiring community where a can-do attitude is the norm.”

⭐ Are you a freelancer too? Join us and reach out to new clients.

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January 19, 2023


The creators of the phenomenal AI-driven DeepL Translator have just released DeepL Write — a free AI writing companion for correcting grammar, improving vocabulary and style.

The beta version of DeepL Write runs in a browser and currently supports American and British English, as well as German. However, if you want something a little more sophisticated, try Grammarly.

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January 17, 2023


Working with important, anchor clients that “provide steady work and make up a good chunk of your freelance income” has a number of pros and cons, as stated in Rudri Patel’s article:

  • Pros — Steady work and reliable revenue; Freedom to focus on side projects; Plan for the future with clarity; Attract the attention of other clients
  • Cons — They can drop you unexpectedly; It’s easy to become complacent; You can get stuck in a low pay grade

Our take: Best practice for freelancers who work with anchor clients is to stay ambitious and make sure that their side of the deal is well-represented in an ongoing collaboration.

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January 13, 2023

AI VOICE GENERATOR is an online AI voice generator that can produce very realistic text-to-speech audio.

This can be useful for narrating articles, producing podcasts, video voice-overs, or online courses. While some voices are still a bit synthetic, many sound quite like real people. The app supports 142 languages and accents.

There is also a new feature of voice cloning, which enables you to have a copy of your own voice created once you’ve met certain requirements.

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January 11, 2023


Here’s a new testimonial from our member:

“Since leaving my corporate career in 2010 and becoming a sole trader, I was dependent on any kind of promotion of my brand. I finally realized that the most effective way is having quality references. Being listed on a trusted portal like gives you a nice kick of trustworthiness you definitely need. Thanks to my profile and brand grow on the European level. Going beyond our home country is something we should all embrace. The world is full of clients. Thank you!”Radek Hrachovec

⭐ Are you a freelancer too? Join us and reach out to new clients.

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