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Dominika Spackova
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Slow is the new black. Run your business profitably, sustainably, and without losing your nerve!

Some entrepreneurs believe in luck. I believe in smart business processes, sustainable growth, and long-term profits. This may not sound cool, but it works — as all my clients would tell you.

I don’t do show business. I do slow business: pragmatic, efficient, and profitable.

About me

Like most streetwise entrepreneurs, I am also a self-starter. I learned how to do business mostly by trial and error. It may have been slow, but it also led me to many original ideas. That is how I developed a unique slow-business management system and began implementing it for my clients.

Since 2011, I have worked as a slow-business consultant and shared my know-how:

  • during 1,400 hours of one-on-one consulting sessions
  • in over 300 group coaching sessions
  • with 1,200 course participants

The slow-business principles can be applied to any business. But most of all, I love helping professionals, freelancers, and small business owners to reach beyond 6-figure revenues, while also improving their profit margins and having more time to enjoy life.

However, beginners are not my thing. I work mostly with people who already have some business experience and want to grow further. If you are overwhelmed by your work, and need to manage it better, that is my ideal entry point.

Together, we will re-organize your business, find and overcome growth blockers, and fill any gaps in your know-how. Finally, we will set your business up for sustainable growth, until we reach the point where you will no longer need me. That’s how I find joy and motivation in my work.

About my slow-business management system

If you are a self-made business owner like I am, you surely know all about intuitive management. As entrepreneurs, we run things, right?

The need to run business strategically—as a manageable system—only comes later with growth. Using my proven slow-business management system, you can turn your business into a reliable money-making machine with fine-tuned efficient processes. That will enable you to have way more time for seeking new business opportunities, or spending time with your loved ones.

My work with clients can be divided into four optional stages:

  • Initial business consultation — 2 hours online for €400; no strings attached
  • Business mentoring sessions — every other week for ongoing support
  • Business development sprints — a full day, week, or month of my personal support
  • Strategic partnership — optional long-term support based on a success-fee

If you want to work with me, just send me an email with a brief introduction and we will take it from there.

Dominika Spackova

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Dominika Spackova
Kratka 1781
Stare Mesto
686 03
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 775 028 018
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