Alena Ryskova

translation agent and founder of the 2e translations agency

Alena Ryskova
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: Europe
Status: at your service Languages: English, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak
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I connect clients with the best translators, interpreters and proofreaders. As a founder of 2e translations agency, I work with 300 professionals from the Czech Republic and other countries who specialize in a wide variety of fields (see below).

We translate and interpret from Czech to all European languages and vice versa — English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Dutch, Hungarian, Turkish, Swedish, Greek, Serbian, Bulgarian and many other languages, including less-spoken ones.

I have worked as an agency owner as well as a translator since 2002, building a vast professional network that is now available to you and your assignments. We are fully reliable, our translators and interpreters are paid fairly, according to their seniority and expertise, and almost all of them have a university degree and many years of experience.

You can send your inquiries in English, Czech, Slovak, Polish or Russian, and I will respond promptly, connecting you with one of our professional translators. Reasonably sized translations or proofreading can be done overnight or even on the same day. Bigger projects can be divided among several translators for faster processing.


I will send you a preliminary calculation for any inquiry. Prices start at €10 per standard page (1,800 characters including spaces) for translations, €5 per page for proofreading, and from €90 for a 4-hour interpreting session (excluding 21% VAT). Here is our current price list.

  • Translations from Czech to all European languages and vice versa
    • General and technical texts — User and installation manuals, technical instructions and reports, certificates, ISO and other standards, software, hardware, IT, medical instruments, etc.
    • Legal and court texts — Contracts and agreements, general as well as special terms and conditions, claims and actions, corporate and civil law, etc.
    • Pharmaceutical and medical texts — Clinical trials and studies, marketing authorization documents, research documentation, drug packaging, etc.
    • Economic texts — Economic analyses, annual reports, financial statements, balance sheets, price lists, reports to investors, project audits, auditor reports, etc.
    • Websites and others — Advertising materials, promotional or information leaflets, brochures and catalogues, etc.
  • Certified translations — Needed, for example, for communication with domestic or foreign attorneys, justice or government institutions (copies of entries in registers, contracts, personal identification papers).
  • Express translations — Done within 24 hours (texts up to 6 pages) or similarly where the daily workload exceeds 6 pages (e.g. 100 pages within 5 days).
  • Interpreting:
    • Consecutive interpreting — In business negotiations or accompanying interpretation in manufacturing operations, at training sessions, lectures and similar events.
    • Court interpreting — In legal proceedings and trials, general meetings, in marriage ceremonies, at registries or public notaries.
  • Proofreading — We will ensure your text is flawless, stylistically and graphically neat (annual reports, manuals, leaflets, catalogues, magazines, letters, websites, bachelor or master's theses and dissertations, etc.).

As part of long-term cooperation during the translation, we offer a glossary of business terms in the given language, including continuous updates.

Alena Ryskova

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Alena Ryskova
2e preklady
Trabantska 270
190 15
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 777 606 916
VAT ID:CZ6254131323
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