Barbora Baronova, PhD

award-winning independent publisher and literary documentarian

Barbora Baronova, PhD
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
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As an independent publisher, running and curating the wo-men publishing house as a one-woman-show since 2012, I focus on art books that combine non-fiction writing and documentary photography. I relate my work to the concept of bibliodiversity that is rooted in values such as sustainability, cultural diversity and responsibility. I have published 15 unique projects that were awarded in the Czech Republic, Great Britain, France, Austria and Slovakia. The books published by wo-men have also been acquired by well-known libraries, museums, and private collectors in Japan, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Slovakia and many more.

As a lecturer and consultant of book projects, I specialize in self-publishing and independent publishing. In my workshops and private sessions, I have consulted on tens of books that were later successfully published. I focus on non-mainstream publishing strategies based on my own experience that are important especially for independent publishers.

As a literary documentarian, I create mostly non-fiction content in collaboration with experienced Czech photographers. As a documentarist, I have recorded stories in Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and South Africa. Usually, I am working on topics related to women, such as violence on women, women in crisis, lives of unmarried women, women activists, women artists, women documentarists, etc.

My academic background is in journalism, media theory, creative writing, design, art, and languages. Over the course of my PhD studies at Tomas Bata University in Zlin, and Research Practicum at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, I focused on women in documentary professions in the Czech Republic and Australia.

I can offer you my skills and support in the following areas: I can work on international non-fiction literary projects or consult on them. I am also available to discuss self-publishing practice, as well as arrange theoretical and practical workshops on publishing.

wo-men books

Unmarried Women (Slečny, 2012) Unmarried Women page detail (Slečny, 2012) Love Yourself (Měj ráda sama sebe, 2014) Love Yourself opening page (Měj ráda sama sebe, 2014) Intimacy (Intimita, 2015) Women on Women (Ženy o ženách, 2019) Women on Women book cover (Ženy o ženách, 2019) Sacraments (Svátosti, 2020) Sacraments page detail (Svátosti, 2020) Girls of the First Czechoslovak Republic (Děvčata první republiky, 2020) An opening page of the Girls of the First Czechoslovak Republic (Děvčata první republiky, 2020) A page detail of the Girls of the First Czechoslovak Republic (Děvčata první republiky, 2020) Women 60+ (Ženy 60+, 2018) The Black Years (Černé roky, 2016) The Black Years page detail (Černé roky, 2016) Miss AmeriKa (2018) Miss AmeriKa page detail (2018) Miss AmeriKa book binding (2018) Where Is My Home (Kde domov můj, 2016) Bibliodiversity (Czech edition) Labor Camp Barbora (Lágr Barbora, 2015) Self-portraits by Dita Pepe


  • University of New South Wales (2017, Sydney, Australia) — postgraduate studies; Research Practicum program
  • Tomas Bata University (2015–2019, Zlin, Czech Republic) — PhD postgraduate studies, PhD thesis Women on Women at the Studio of Audiovisual Arts
  • Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic; Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism of the Faculty of Social Sciences)
    • 2002–2004 — master degree in media studies
    • 1999–2002 — bachelor degree in journalism
    • 2000–2002 — interdisciplinary project in Polish studies
  • Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory (Prague, Czech Republic) — diploma in creative writing

International projects

  • Hungary (2020, Budapest) — Visegrad project on Women Activists
  • Switzerland (2020, Zurich) — Swiss Women on Love
  • Poland, Slovakia, Czechia (2018–2019, Warszawa, Bratislava, Prague) — Dialogue
  • Slovakia (2018, Liptovský Mikuláš, Púchov) — Women’s Voices in Slovakia
  • Australia (2017, University of New South Wales; Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra) — Women Documentary Makers
  • Japan (2015, Tokyo, Saitama) — European Eyes on Japan
  • South Africa (2015, Johannesburg) — South African Women
  • Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore (2006–2007, 2011)


  • Milk and Honey (2020, editor, co-publisher) — Thirty two interviews by performer Kača Olivová with influential Czech artists, activists and art curators on maternity, paternity and parenthood. Coming soon.
  • Girls of the First Czechoslovak Republic (Děvčata první republiky, 2020, editor, publisher) — The documentary publication Girls of the First Czechoslovak Republic brings together eight stories of women born in the 1920s.
  • Sacraments (Svátosti, 2020, editor, publisher) — Authentic literary and photographic documentary journal Sacraments, dealing with old rituals, and sensitively reviving them in the contemporary world.
  • Women on Women (Ženy o ženách, 2019, author) — The research monograph Women on Women deals with the documentary content created by thirty women active in the Czech film and literary scene.
  • Dialogue (Dialog. Dialóg. Dialog., 2019, author) — The project Dialogue: Engagement Through Culture Before and After 1989 presents twelve perspectives of cultural personalities from three Central European countries – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.
  • Syrovátka sytí selátka (2018, author) — Speech therapy workbook Syrovátka sytí selátka is used to practice the correct pronunciation of C, S and Z. Published by Verzone.
  • Miss AmeriKa (2018, editor, publisher) — Fictional documentary book Miss AmeriKa combining experimental text, photos and comics by Czech performer Miřenka Čechová who – as Mckenzie Tomski – has fallen in love with New York, a city where she will never stop being a stranger.
  • Women 60+ (Ženy 60+, 2018, editor, publisher) — The book under the title Women 60+ and subtitle I am not obliged to do anything, yet I can do a lot is written by oral historian Pavla Frýdlová and photographed by Libuše Jarcovjáková. The project brings together ten stories of eleven Czech women over 60.
  • The Black Years (Černé roky, 2016, editor, publisher) — The book The Black Years introduces the authentic photographic and literary journals of the influential underground photographer Libuše Jarcovjáková, also known as the Czech Nan Goldin.
  • Where Is My Home (Kde domov můj, 2016, editor, publisher) — In Where Is My Home author Jindřich Štreit has decided to celebrate his 70th birthday with an art project that shifts the conception of a classical photography book toward an interactive object.
  • Intimacy (Intimita, 2015, author, publisher) — The Intimacy project deals with the topic of the intimate lives of Czech women. The project was done in collaboration with photographer Dita Pepe. Is there any border between a documentary book and a diary?
  • Labor Camp Barbora (Lágr Barbora, 2015, author, publisher) — Book about a political prisoner of communism sentenced to the uranium Labor Camp Barbora near Jáchymov. Cooperation with photographer Jindřich Štreit and architect Václav Hlaváček.
  • Japanese Women (2015, author) — A book about Japanese women. European Eyes on Japan edition. Published in Tokyo in 2015.
  • Dita Pepe: Self-portraits (2014, publisher) — Self-portraits by Dita Pepe.
  • Love Yourself (Měj ráda sama sebe, 2014, author, publisher) — The book Love Yourself shows the process how the photographer Dita Pepe shares experience of the therapeutic form of photography with other women, her friends, as well as women in crisis, and in so doing reminds people of the Love yourself theme. The book itself is inspired and influenced by Zygmunt Bauman´s book The Art of Life. Literary documentarian Barbora Baronova’s short interviews focus on values in the postmodern era.
  • Unmarried Women (Slečny, 2012, author, publisher) — The book Unmarried Women is comprised of eight literary adaptations of open confessions of unmarried women in the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia, ranging from the 1920’s to the present. The project describes the specific role of women in the context of modern history. Collaboration with photographer Dita Pepe.


  • Women on Women (Ženy o ženách, Barbora Baronova and Dita Pepe)
    • Tomas Bata University Rector’s Award 2020 — the best thesis of 2019 at FMK UTB (Czech Republic, 2020)
    • The Most Beautiful Czech Books of 2019 — shortlisted (Czechia, 2020)
  • The Black Years (Černé roky, Libuše Jarcovjáková) — Vienna Photo Book Award, 2nd place (Austria, 2017)
  • Where Is My Home (Kde domov můj, Jindřich Štreit)
    • The Best Photobook in the Middle and Eastern Europe1st place at Contemporary Photograph (Slovakia, 2016)
    • The Most Beautiful Czech Books1st place in the Bibliophile and Special Author’s Editions of Books category (Czechia, 2016)
    • 28th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2018 — shortlisted (Czechia)
  • Intimacy (Intimita, Barbora Baronova and Dita Pepe)
    • Magnesia Litera1st place in the Publishing achievement category (Czechia, 2016)
    • The Most Beautiful Czech Books – 2nd place in the Bibliophile and Special Author’s Editions of Books category (Czechia, 2016)
    • Les Prix du Livre, Arles – shortlisted (France, 2016)
    • 28th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2018 — shortlisted (Czechia)
  • Dita Pepe: Self-portraitsKaleid Editions, shortlisted (UK, 2014)
  • Love Yourself (Měj ráda sama sebe, Barbora Baronova and Dita Pepe) — Art Books Wanted1st place as The Best Photography Book (Czechia, 2014)
  • Unmarried Women (Slečny, Barbora Baronova and Dita Pepe)
    • The Most Beautiful Czech Books — 3rd place in Belles-Lettres category (Czechia, 2012)
    • Art Books Wanted — Honorable Mention (Czechia, 2012)

Commercial work

  • in advertising, copywriting, idea and concept making, ATL/BTL (since 2007)
    • agencies: Ogilvy & Mather, Ogilvy One, Mather Adventures, Ogilvy PR, Young & Rubicam, Proximity Prague, McCann, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi, Artbureau, Symbio, Grey, Intent, My companion, Anagra, Elephant Orchestra, Linea Recta, Little Greta, Iynachi, Prague Best, Outcomm, U & We Advertising, Konektor, Comunica, Slevomat
    • selected clients and brands: Škoda, ČEZ, ČSA, T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone, Českomoravská stavební spořitelna, Komerční banka, ČSOB, Česká spořitelna, Česká pojišťovna, Modrá pyramida, MetLife, IBM, HP, Ve výloze, DPP, Finep, Marionnaud, Avon, Marks & Spencer, Saloos, Unilever (Dove, Hera, Perla, Rama), Perfetti van Melle (Chupa chups, Mentos), Nestlé (Lentilky, Deli), Panenkárna - ookidoo, Wrigley (Wrigley, Orbit), Hamé, Meggle, Mlékárny Miltra, Milka, Danone (Hami, Actimel), Tantum Verde, L’Oréal (Garnier, Vichy), Jelen, Nivea, Tchibo, Brandeis Clinic, DHL, Lego, Google, Konto Bariéry, Cesty k lidem, Penny market, Kozel, Budějovický Budvar, Mars (Pedigree, Whiskas), Mattel (Barbie, Fisher Price, Polly Pocket, Hot Wheels, Uno), Seco, Carlsbad Plaza, Bonami, Slevomat…
  • media work (2007–2017) — E15 daily, Festival Daily at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the One World Film Festival , the International Dulcimer Festival


  • Slovakia (Bratislava, 2019) — Dialogue
  • Czechia (Prague, 2019) — Dialogue
  • Poland (Białystok, 2019) — Dialogue
  • Slovakia (Banská Štiavnica, 2019) — Dialogue
  • Slovakia (Liptovský Mikuláš, 2018) — Intimacy
  • Czechia (Brno, 2018) — Books at the 28th International Biennial of Graphic Design
  • France (Arles, 2017) — Books at the Photo festival
  • USA (Washington, 2016) — Love Yourself project
  • France (Arles, 2016) — Books at the Photo festival
  • Czechia (Pilsen, 2015) — European Eyes on Japan at DEPO
  • Czechia (Prague, 2015) — Intimacy at Czech Design Week
  • Czechia (Ostrava, 2014) — Love Yourself project at GVUO
  • Czechia (Kutná Hora, 2014) — Dress Code Book at GASK
  • Czechia (Prague, 2013) — Pinkabinet Project at Designblok

Note: Most of the exhibitions were collaborations with other outstanding artists, for full details see my website.

Theatre work & music

  • 2018 — Performance SHIFT, BOZAR, Brussel, Belgium — Dramaturgy of the SHIFT project on the history of women’s work. Concept and choreography by Miřenka Čechová. Based on the oral-historical work done by Pavla Frýdlová.
  • 2007–2012 — Drama Hořké mandle, Prague, Czechia — Stage play for the theatre Divadlo v Řeznické, A Studio Rubín and Řetízek (see video).
  • music (as a musician and composer)

From a freelancer to an award-winning independent publisher

Barbora Baronova, PhD

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Barbora Baronova, PhD
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Mobile:+420 737 645 677

Firsthand recommendation

Barbora Baronova is one of the most accomplished and experienced professionals I have ever met in the publishing industry. Not only has she written and published outstanding books collected by connoisseurs from all over the world, but I also admire her work and business ethic. As a successful independent publisher, she has inspired a whole generation of her peers in sustainability and the overall quality of book production. We have also worked together on several projects, a remarkable experience in its own right. Always 100% professional, kind and creative — that’s her!

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