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Eva Skornickova — investment advisor and lawyer specialized in data privacy, cybersecurity, and GDPR


Robert Vlach

Eva Skornickova is an exceptional professional with a rare specialty. As one of the very few experts, she understands truly deeply issues of GDPR and structural changes brought by this new European legislation to companies and institutions. I had the pleasure to work with Eva over a longer period of time, and I appreciate that thanks to her extensive experience in the top management of legal divisions for multinational corporations, she has a grasp of both the legal and managerial side of data-privacy issues. Thanks to her contacts from her previous diplomatic assignments as the Czech consul in Canada, she was also able to get to crucial information on the upcoming GDPR legislation much earlier than it hit media as the news of the day. If you are a larger company dealing with data privacy, cybersecurity, and GDPR issues, do whatever it takes to have Eva at your side. It will save you useless efforts and wasted time as well. She’s one in a thousand.

Robert Vlach
business consultant and founder of

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Eva is an extremely efficient, no-nonsense type of lawyer that will always seek to deliver advice in a user friendly way and with great understanding of the underlying commercial drivers. It is always a pleasure to co-operate with Eva.

Martin Magal
partner at Allen & Overy

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I know Eva for many years since her time as in-house legal counsel for my clients. She has been very pragmatic, experienced and efficient business lawyer. It has been always nice to deal with her as a person as well.

Emil Holub
partner at Clifford Chance

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