Jan Tölg

web developer and a founder of the development studio Involve

Jan Tölg
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech
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I am a senior web developer experienced in both front-end and back-end development of websites, web applications and e-commerce projects.

As a prototypical freelance business owner and a co-founder of our development studio Involve, I combine a high level of technical expertise with the support of our experienced development team, which enables us to enter and complete the most demanding IT projects, including ongoing technical support.

We have been working with large companies (like ČD Travel), top-notch startups (Packeta), as well as institutions (Anglo-American University). While each client and project is different, you can always rely on my personal commitment and our well-balanced strengths in web development:

  • Back-end development — We use the latest technologies, which make our websites fast, safe, and faultless. Our back end is clear and legible, so it's easily upgradable. We respect a seemingly insignificant principle — we keep our source codes neat.
  • Front-end development — We care about the loading speed of the website, minimizing styles and javascripts. We write a clean, flawless, fully responsive and graphically accurate front end. Our next step is usually the connection to the back end. We'll either develop our own, modify your existing one, or create a completely new API.
  • Project takeover — We can take over any project, regardless of its condition, and further develop it using modern technologies. Together, we'll consider whether we shall develop the existing code or rewrite it, which will bring your application to new heights.

You can read more about my references and work approach below, but the most important thing is: Let’s talk. Over the years, I have come to understand why so many IT projects fail, and it is often due to the lack of communication between all parties involved. That is why I have based our work ethics on open communication, transparency, and having outstanding colleagues who are both IT experts and strong team players. Let’s talk about your business plan or project, and if we are a good match for each other, we can start working together in no time.

Portfolio highlights

Anglo-American University in Prague Frenkee InterBohemia — Czech Holiday Houses Rostlinna akvaria ČD Travel Daruj spravne Packeta

Selected references

  • Packeta — We have created a module for delivery point selection for the Packeta delivery service, which is used by thousands of e-shops. It is based on an interactive map and intuitive use, which allows the user to easily find a location and a suitable place to pick up their package.
  • ČD Travel is a travel agency that provides tours for the employees of Ceske drahy (the major railway operator in the Czech Republic) and for the general public. It offers hundreds of tours to proven locations and handles thousands of satisfied clients every year.
  • transfers financial services to the online world. It offers for example insurance for employees, property and cars; a mortgage calculator; and much more. The portal itself and its popularity among clients are constantly growing and we are glad that we've been there since the beginning. Read more…
  • sells aquarium supplies and is the largest supplier of its kind in the Czech Republic. The company is also successful on the Polish market. Thousands of users shop here every month and we make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Zálož is an online bookstore based on dropshipping; it offers more than 45,000 titles in stock and uses over 3,500 collection points.
  • Anglo-American University in Prague: “Everyone from this company whom we met gave the impression of a professional interested in the result. Speaking of our other projects, we often meet professionals when negotiating a contract but during the actual cooperation we were dealing with people of a completely different kind.” — David Lipka, Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • MyNEMO: “A very good impression of the individual approach and efficient way of working. Personally, I like their ability to understand our point of view and the effort to suggest the most suitable procedure. They deal with any urgent requests willingly and promptly.” — Jan Zahora, a founder and executive director
  • InterBohemia: “I like the principle of arranging a project (task, concept), phasing it out in Asana and then working on it and keeping track of the development progress, which makes the invoicing clear.” — Daniel Bohacek, executive director
  • Daruj správně: “The donor portal has been helping donors and non-profit organizations for more than 10 years. In order to carry on its development, we need a reliable, innovative and professional IT partner; there's no doubt Involve is that kind of a partner.“ — Klara Libertova, manager of Donors Forum donation programme

How it works

  1. We'll discuss your project
    • We'll talk about your needs, and we'll suggest a suitable technological solution.
    • Based on our experience, we'll advise you how to approach your project, where to invest and where to find another solution. We'll set it up in the way which makes the most sense.
  2. You'll keep track of everything during our cooperation
    • We'll divide the entire project into smaller parts, and we'll handle each of them step by step and stick to the deadlines.
    • We'll consult everything you need with you and you'll be able to be a part of our process through Asana task manager.
  3. Completion of the project and its further development
    • After launching the website, we usually gradually add more functionalities according to your wishes and we continue to develop it. We maintain a long-term partnership with most of our customers.
    • Thanks to our collaboration with various specialists from other fields, we'll arrange for you the necessary follow-up steps, such Google Analytics metrics, online marketing, SEO and more.

It's all about discussion. We don't like putting people into a pigeonhole. We'll be happy to discuss a possible solution with you and find a way fitting both you and us.


  • The back end of our projects is based on the PHP frameworks Nette and Doctrine 2.
  • Our front end is built on the Bootstrap 4 and Foundation 6 frameworks. For more complex apps, we use the React framework.
  • All our code is automatically tested with the use of Selenium or Cypress tests.
  • A top quality of our code is ensured by automatic server jobs, such as a static code analysis or CodeSniffer. If a bigger performance of the app is required, we use AWS.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I check your references by telephone? — We believe that customer recommendations are the best and most objective ones. Our clients will be happy to share their experience of working with us which may make your decision-making process easier.
  • I have an old project with a bad code. Can you take it? — Based on our experience, we will evaluate whether the code is worth revitalization or if it's better to find a completely new solution. In any case, we are ready to help you and to perform a further development of the project according to your ideas.
  • How long does it take to create a website? — There's no clear answer for this question. Each project is individual and requires a different amount of time. In general, we can say that the implementation of a small project like usually takes about 1-3 months. Completing a large site, such as, could take more than 6 months.
  • Since you do the work continuously, how does invoicing work? — It's usually based on monthly reports. We send a report of the hours worked to the customer for approval and then we issue an invoice. If you prefer another way, let us know, we will definitely find a solution suitable for all of us.
  • Are you independent in communication with other specialists concerning the follow-up work such as SEO, PPC, etc.? — Yes, we are used to working with experts from various fields with whom we are able to solve everything that is necessary.
Jan Tölg

Contact details

Jan Tölg [ map ]
Involve digital s.r.o.
Prazska 84/15
326 00
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 774 000 025
VAT ID:CZ05216265

Firsthand recommendations

We have only the best experience with Involve and Mr. Tölg. Since our first meeting, we've been convinced they are professionals who can identify our needs very well and propose a suitable solution. Pro-client behavior, quick reactions and good quality of work are a matter of course for them. I can definitely recommend Involve.

Klara Splichalova manager of Donors Forum donation programme

Based on many years of personal experience, I can highly recommend Involve and Mr. Tölg. I appreciate their reliability and willingness as well as their proactive approach when dealing with engagements.

Marie Ratajova CEO of Abes
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