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Jan Tölg — web developer and a founder of the development studio Involve


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Everyone from this company whom we met gave the impression of a professional interested in the result. Speaking of our other projects, we often meet professionals when negotiating a contract but during the actual cooperation we were dealing with people of a completely different kind.

David Lipka
Vice President for Enrollment Management at Anglo-American University in Prague

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The aspects I appreciate the most are your precision and the fact that I can rely on you to follow the assignment perfectly without the necessity to be constantly checked. In addition, you come up with your own ideas, of easier and cheaper solutions. Having experience with other developers, I can say the client experience is incomparable. In favor of Involve. Although I'm an IT amateur, with the help of the guys from Involve, I quickly got "inside" and everything runs smoothly.

Jiri Hluchy
CEO of Frenkee

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We have only the best experience with Involve and Mr. Tölg. Since our first meeting, we've been convinced they are professionals who can identify our needs very well and propose a suitable solution. Pro-client behavior, quick reactions and good quality of work are a matter of course for them. I can definitely recommend Involve.

Klara Splichalova
manager of Donors Forum donation programme

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The Lumitrix company has been cooperating with Involve for a long time. Among other things, they manage complete development of the front end of our complex web application in React. Personally, as CTO of Lumitrix, I am satisfied with Involve. Our application uses quite an advanced technology (WebGL, etc.) and there aren't many front-end experts of this level in the Czech Republic.

Vaclav Svigra
CTO of Lumitrix

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I've known Jan for many years and I know that he's been involved in programming for a very long time. We consulted some improvements for my long-term project and he came up with ideas that made my work a lot easier. His approach in communication is always truly friendly :)

Adam Laita
WordPress specialist and front-end coder +420 777 086 449

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A very good impression of the individual approach and efficient way of working. Personally, I like their ability to understand our point of view and the effort to suggest the most suitable procedure. They deal with any urgent requests willingly and promptly.

Jan Zahora
CEO of MyNemo

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I like the principle of arranging a project (task, concept), phasing it out in Asana and then working on it and keeping track of the development progress, which makes the invoicing clear.

Daniel Bohacek
CEO of InterBohemia / InterCroatia

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We've been successfully cooperating with Involve for several months, and so far we haven't encountered any problem which could spoil our cooperation. Compared to their competitors, I think their main advantages are their willingness and flexible reactions in unexpected situations. Nothing is a problem and we always found a solution after a short consultation. Unlike most of the others, they really meet deadlines on time, and if there's a situation where it isn't possible, they inform us in advance and communicate with us about the process. We've been working on several projects lately, I can mention for example the website. Apart from making a presentation page, they also worked out the connection to our internal system and cooperation with hardware. Amongst other completed projects I can mention a functional warehouse system for Zebra mobile scanners for our drivers and warehouse staff, which is a great helper for us. I can definitely recommend them.

Jan Bartik
CEO of Frogman s.r.o. +420 725 117 571

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I worked with Mr. Jan Tölg on several projects and I was always very satisfied. His helpful and professional approach to programming is invaluable. I recommend cooperation with him.

Pavel Lonk
IT service +420 724 073 284

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Based on many years of personal experience, I can highly recommend Involve and Mr. Tölg. I appreciate their reliability and willingness as well as their proactive approach when dealing with engagements.

Marie Ratajova
CEO of Abes

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Involve managed a complete realization of my website. I was satisfied with their work and ideas, their reaction to my requirements was always flexible and it resulted in a functioning website according to my ideas. I can recommend cooperation with them.

Marcela Vladisova
Interior designer +420 736 788 703

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank Involve for creating our website. We appreciate their support, helpful approach, professional work and quick reactions. We highly recommend this company.

Tatana Kopecka
accountant at KBprofiucto +420 605 870 591

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