Kristyna Makova

content consultant and copy editor

Kristyna Makova
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: Europe
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech, Russian, German, Spanish
Listed in: Writing & Content

If you produce a lot of digital content and you have never heard of content consultants, you probably need one — in other words, you need someone like me:

Most often, companies work with content rather intuitively: They hire a copywriter here, an editor there, then an illustrator, a digital marketer, a PR expert, a social media manager, a podcast producer, and so on. All of those experts produce content—from PPC ads to blog articles to podcasts—yet there is hardly (if ever) anyone who views and manages all of it as a whole.

As a professional content consultant, strategist, and senior copy editor, I help my clients to elevate their brand by improving the overall quality and consistency of their communication with the public. With me, their message is clear, coherent, well-timed and targeted, as well as much better understood. Together, we 1) lay out a balanced content strategy, 2) train the whole team of content creators to stay on the same page, and 3) supervise its flawless execution.

I have over 15 years of experience and outstanding references, including work as an editor and journalist for Czech Radio’s foreign-language service, whose quality is comparable to the BBC. I’m not only a strategist and consultant, but also a skilled writer — my work with clients includes copywriting, copy editing, supervision of translations, proofreading, content creation and scheduling, etc. I can cover all of it for you — and lead your team of creators to new heights.

Service bundles for content creation and marketing

When we start working together, the first step is for you to tell me what I need to know. I’ll have you fill out a short questionnaire. This focuses your attention — and mine — on your needs and on where you want my help. Once this groundwork has been laid, it will make our time together more purposeful, more effective, and perfectly attuned to your needs.

These are the service bundles you can choose from:

  • 60-Minute Bundle (3×20-minute consultations) for €350 — Three short sessions to spark new ideas and help you discover a newfound creative passion for your future writing and content creation.
  • 180-Minute Bundle (3×60-minute consultations) for €550 — Three deep-dive sessions in which we figure how to make content creation fun, creative and effective for you. Besides written content, we’ll also cover topics for audio and video content and where to look for inspiration.
  • “The Works” Bundle for €5,300 — A full makeover for content. I comb your content for the unique, authentic essence of your brand, then add structure and context. You'll get a content strategy including a sample posting schedule for the next two months to enhance the impact of the content you put on your social media channels.
  • “On Demand” Bundle add-on for €225 — Six 10-minute calls (60 minutes in total) for you to ask quick questions that don't need a full session. I'll be on call and happy to help. What's on your mind? Ask away!

A Czech special: Web content localization

In terms of strategy and content consulting, I can work with almost any language as well as their combinations. But if you want your website to present itself in perfect Czech, you’re in the right place to be served something extra:

As a native Czech speaker, I can translate into Czech and also localize your content. And why am I the right woman for the job? Because I offer localization and content marketing in one: As I prepare your website to dive into the Czech Republic, I advise you on content strategy to make sure you make a splash.

  • 90-minute consultation for €299 — one-off consultation or initial consultation to begin our working relationship
  • 60-minute consultation for €199 — one-off or repeat consultation
  • long-term consulting and copywriting coaching — price depends on the duration
  • copywriting and copy editing — price depends on the duration and the type of copy
  • jargon decoding — price depends on the duration and the type of copy
  • — my content creation courses in Czech
  • How to Write Copy — my online course for beginners in Czech

My story as a professional

In 2007, I started as a web editor in Czech Radio’s foreign-language service, where I also later worked as a journalist. This experience gave me a solid foundation for managing multilingual web content. I first dipped my toe into freelance writing and content creation in 2012 and went freelance full-time in 2015.

Over time, with the support of my freelance colleagues, I began to specialize in copywriting and content management, creating web content, promotional materials and press releases. Another highlight was doing interviews with clients; aside from making for great copy, these chats (connected with rewritten interviews) were an opportunity for my clients to take a step back and re-evaluate their careers.

As a freelancer, I created websites in collaboration with web designers, marketing strategists and graphic designers. I helped put people and projects together and worked with colleagues and clients to identify target groups. I like connecting people, including my clients, with colleagues and other contacts. Long live networking!

My past experience feeds into my current role as a copy editor and web content consultant. Depending on your needs, I can also give recommendations on your overall content strategy, perhaps with PR in mind. I make your content work harder and smarter for you by making sure it does its job and speaks to the right audience. You get to tap into my wealth of insights and industry experience to add value to your content.

Career highlights

  • since 2015copy editor and consultant specializing in web content, content strategies, PR strategies, posting schedules and copywriting
  • since 2017freelance lecturer, who runs copywriting and creative writing classes that help students pitch their projects online, at CopyAkademie
  • 2018 — PR, content strategy consulting and content creation for two IT and computational thinking education projects, PRIM at the Czech National Institute for Education (7-month contract) and iMysleni at the University of South Bohemia at Ceske Budejovice (12 months)
  • 2015-2016 — course facilitator for training in content editing in WordPress CMS
  • 2012-2019 — copywriting, web content analysis, managing and editing websites, content creation, consulting on web content strategy and posting schedules, content localization
  • 2010-2011 — volunteer trainer, computer and language classes for Baobab, an association working with people with severe mental illness
  • 2007–2015 — web editor and editor for Czech Radio’s foreign-language service: the creation of webpages for projects and localization into Czech, Russian, English and Spanish in collaboration with editors and translators; helping to manage a website for the Czech diaspora –; programming for the minority Roma community O Roma Vakeren; Facebook pages for the Czech diaspora and Roma programming
Kristyna Makova

Contact details

Kristyna Makova
Mydlarka 8
160 00
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 776 015 544
VAT ID:CZ8462053050

Firsthand recommendations

Kristýna is, first of all, a lovely person. She was rigorous and responsible in the contracts we worked on together. I feel like we’re on the same wavelength. I’m sure she’d be a joy for anyone to work with!

Vita Valka
Vita Valka web and graphic designer, UX consultant

I worked with Kristýna on two big projects and I am happy to recommend her services. She worked closely with the client to create solid content for a medium-sized website taking into account sales persuasiveness, SEO and readability. She also worked on the content strategy and the design of the posting schedule.

Michal Krutiš online marketing strategist

I was absolutely delighted to work with Kristýna. Kristýna has a natural, effortless ability to highlight the essence. She has a sixth sense and is able to empathize on a professional level with the client and end readers alike. In our work she guided me in such a way that I learned a lot and clarified things here and there. I’m looking forward to her writing course and to her assistance with future copyediting.

Olga Rochowanská stylist and fashion consultant
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