Firsthand recommendations

Kristyna Makova — content consultant and copy editor


Vita Valka

Kristýna is, first of all, a lovely person. She was rigorous and responsible in the contracts we worked on together. I feel like we’re on the same wavelength. I’m sure she’d be a joy for anyone to work with!

Vita Valka
web and graphic designer, UX consultant

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I worked with Kristýna on two big projects and I am happy to recommend her services. She worked closely with the client to create solid content for a medium-sized website taking into account sales persuasiveness, SEO and readability. She also worked on the content strategy and the design of the posting schedule.

Michal Krutiš
online marketing strategist +420 777 099 885

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I was lucky enough to work with Kristýna on copy for a client that provides legal services. She managed to transform complicated legal language into understandable layman’s terms. From testing we know that after this and other editing the clients understand much better what the services involve and what they get if they use these services. Is that talent, or superbly executed craftsmanship? I don’t know, but one thing is clear: I’ll be happy to use Kristýna’s services again. Highly recommended for anyone looking for readable web copy or struggling with content strategy.

Jirka Chomát
e-commerce change practitioner and consultant

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I was absolutely delighted to work with Kristýna. Kristýna has a natural, effortless ability to highlight the essence. She has a sixth sense and is able to empathize on a professional level with the client and end readers alike. In our work she guided me in such a way that I learned a lot and clarified things here and there. I’m looking forward to her writing course and to her assistance with future copyediting.

Olga Rochowanská
stylist and fashion consultant

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Kristýna Maková is a very accommodating professional who can advise you not just on your website but on the content too. She has a great sense for language and attention to detail. She was recommended to me when I needed advice on options in WordPress, where my website was hosted, but she also advised me on the copy because I’m not a native speaker of Czech. I was very happy with our work together, not just because she did a superb job, but also because of her helpful approach.

Dragan Milojevič
cameraman, video editor and multimedia trainer

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Kristýna Maková was sent down to me from heaven. I needed an online profile and I was clueless. Kristýna helped me with absolutely everything – she built a professional website and advised me how to tell the world about my new business. She patiently and repeatedly explained what, how and why. I am delighted to recommend her for her precise work, her astonishing breadth of knowledge in the field, and her warm, friendly manner that makes you feel you’ve known each other a long time time.

Martina Svobodová

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I’ve worked with Kristýna Maková several times and have had only the best experiences. She made my personal website, and people are always complimenting me on it because it’s so simple, creative and elegant. Equally well designed is the website of the Formela theatre company, which Kristýna also worked on. Kristýna is very obliging, always willing to help when I need to change or update the website. I had another positive experience with Kristýna when she proofread my masters thesis. Highly recommended.

Hana Baroňová
president at FORMELA z.s.

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We worked with Kristýna on the design of an app (photography contest) to promote fair trade. It was a fantastic experience– Kristýna has a wealth of experience not just with building websites, but also for example drafting terms and conditions for a contest. Our working relationship was utterly professional and very pleasant – in a formal, technical and personal capacity. We will be very happy to work with her over the long term.

Hana Malíková
director of Fairtrade Czech Republic +420 734 336 592

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Kristýna Maková evaluated our website as per the brief. The goal was to analyze the informative value and attractiveness for readers, and if shortcomings were found, to propose concrete measures to improve the functioning of the website. On the basis of her recommendations we slightly modified the layout of the text, adding keywords etc. This had a very fast effect in the form of quotes in the media on a specific topic without the editors being notified in advance. Her work can be evaluated as of satisfactory speed, with a personal approach, but above all of satisfactory quality to make the site more attractive.

Aleš Krebs
press spokesperson, Czech Chamber of Pharmacists

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I especially appreciate my quick dealings with Kristýna and her quick work. The quality met my expectations, and I would be happy to work with her again if needed in the future. Recommended.

Pavel Matoušek
entrepreneur at IMgroup

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Kristýna is an exceptionally empathetic copywriter who transformed our vision into words. Words that are true to the essence of our services, and explain to visitors to our website what we can do for them. As well as that, Kristýna gave us excellent feedback on graphics, and as such helped to bring about our mascot SuperDžina. We were delighted with her pertinent comments.

Ondřej Preuss, PhD
lawyer at Dostupný Advokát

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I had the chance to get to know Kristýna on several projects and above all I appreciate her ability to adapt to the client and their capacity. She is very patient and perceptive, which allows her to get to know the client and their customers in depth and then mould this knowledge into perfect copy. Most of all I appreciate Kristýna’s flexibility and professionalism and more than 10 years of everyday editing experience. These are the reasons why I continue to enjoy working with Kristýna.

Zbyšek Nádeník
web designer and consultant

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Thank you for your precise translation of the flyer. Fantastic to work with you!

Veronika Skalická
Domov svaté Rodiny

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We worked with Kristýna Maková on two digital workshops for women. For two groups of women – entrepreneurs and corporate employees – she created a tailored introduction on the need for websites and content. From the basic concepts to the structure of the content, and she made it very understandable and inspiring! We definitely look forward to working with her again.

Marie Krátká
Industry Manager at

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I think of working with Kristýna as encountering a higher dimension - in all aspects of our work together so far. Kristýna is every inch the expert, and she will convince you of that within the first 30 seconds. But her extraordinary value to me was not only what she does, but above all how she does it. It’s been a long time since I’ve met anyone in business who is so unpretentious, who keeps to agreements and deadlines 100%, and whose work is so grounded yet effortless. Kristýna’s work poured new blood into my veins after a very difficult year in business. If you want to take your company to the next level, I recommend the combination of Kristýna Maková and Jirka Chomát. I'm just starting to work with them together and I suspect that it will be a ride the likes of which Madasped has never seen. Thank you!

Markéta Hezinová
founder and director, Madasped s.r.o.

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Kristýna Maková worked on content for the website of the development project Ctěnický háj, partly as copy editor - editing texts written by experts involved in the project, partly as copywriter – writing copy on request, which she expanded on with her insights and suggestions. At the beginning she got to know the project in detail and spoke to members of the team in order to give the copy the right sense and mood. The result is that the copy is a perfect fit. We were satisfied with her work. We will be happy to use her services again.

Allan Jírek
project manager at Ctěnický háj, s.r.o.

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Kristýna helped us to promote a new children’s network and gave us valuable advice on launching the campaign – the timing of posts, which posts to use to attract potential clients etc. Last but not least, very beneficial for me was advice on how to put together newsletters, which thanks to Kristýna took on a completely different form, and the statistics show that readership has increased. I recommend Kristýna Maková’s services.

Barbora Chaloupková
administrator at Moje dětská skupina

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For our organisation, working with Kristýna was very beneficial and we put her advice and recommendations into practice every day. Thanks to the skills she taught us, we made changes in how we promote our company which have streamlined our work. I recommend Kristýna’s services.

Daniela Vašíčková
founder of Family and Job

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I can only recommend Kristýna and her work, which is like help from a friend. She has the ability to encourage and inspire, to show you different perspectives that you may not see yourself. She focuses on exactly what is needed and can beautifully organise ideas and won’t let you go off track in what you want to do, where you want to move to. She moves you exactly where you want to go. It's not that she does the work for you, but she motivates you very well to do it yourself, which is very important because it keeps intact the authenticity of the person commissioning the work. It is always very pleasant and enriching to work with her. I can only recommend.

Soňa Pavlincová
tour guide and coach

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It was simply fabulous to work with Kristýna. We worked on a substantial interview together, editing, sourcing photos, etc. All of the communication with her was seamless, fast and without problems. Kristýna was always at hand and helped with everything that was needed. Of course, she also took care of things beyond her brief. If dealings were like this with everyone, the world would be a great place. When people meet each other in the middle and help each other out, everything goes so much better and it spreads positive energy. And that's as I think it should be.

Jakub Freiwald
traveller and documentary maker

Martin Balko

Thank you so much, Kristýna Maková! I requested her assistance and feedback to finish my article on SEO for laymen. Very quickly she gave me instant valuable feedback and assistance. She advised me how to organize the individual chapters more logically so that they were clearer, and gave me some tips on style. It was enough to apply a few of her tips and the article was on another level, much better and of course much more readable :) Thank you Kristýna for your help, I appreciate it and wish you all the best and much success in all areas of your life :)

Martin Balko
SEO consultant, content and link-building expert

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I met my friend Kristýna Maková through the organisation cats2cats, which brings together women of different talents. Kristýna has many wonderful talents. She can write, create websites (including mine), tell engaging stories about Prague, and listen. Her calm, steady voice is full of insight and warmth. She has the gift of structure and vision. Whenever I found myself floundering in the chaos of my life, Kristýna’s smiling support brought me back down to the ground. She has given me the confidence in life to step into the unknown and move forward in my career.

Petra Johansson
actor, screenwriter, director, educator and jewelry designer

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