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Lenka Martinkova — certified German-Czech translator and interpreter


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Lenka has been a part of our interpreter team for several years now. She has never had any problems with even the most complicated technical issues or the challenging interpreting concerning printing machines, steel structures, biogas stations, etc. She has always tackled everything to our full satisfaction. Whether it’s technical training or business negotiations, she can handle it without any difficulty.

Monika Hradilová
Interpreter and translator +420 602 864 600

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We have been working with Lenka Martinková since 2012; she has been interpreting at our business meetings in German focusing on machine manufacturing as well as translating documents for German authorities. She has great knowledge of the issue, she is flexible, reliable and always willing to help with finding a solution whenever something is unclear. Our cooperation has always been at the highest professional level. I hope it will continue and I can only recommend her to everyone.

Jakub Šmíd
Communications partner at DELA Company s. r. o. +420 724 600 077

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I have been using Mgr. Lenka Martinková’s professional services in my business since 2008, mainly for translations and interpreting in German. Lenka is a very nice and friendly person and working with her is great. I have used her services repeatedly and I can always be a hundred percent sure of her judgment, understanding and faultless interpretation or translation. I would recommend Lenka to everyone as she is very thorough, reliable, she makes independent decisions and always finds the right solution.

Boris Borissov
BUCHITERRA s.r.o. +420 608 219 280

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We have been working with Lenka Martinková since 2012. She has been interpreting further education training and seminars for teachers and parents in Montessori education. Lenka is a key element in passing on the German speaking trainers and lectors’ expertise, as she is able to include the lector’s emotion and energy in her already perfect translation, which is incredibly important in teacher training. At the same time, we can always be confident that whatever message Lenka is translating is interpreted as the lector intended, professionally. This ensures that all attendants hear the same message, regardless of whether they understand the original words or not. Lenka is a reliable part of our team, she meets her deadlines, puts a lot of thought into her work, and often, she will “go the extra mile”. For all these reasons, we enjoy our cooperation and want to continue working with her.

Patrik Matlák

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I met Ms. Lenka Martinková in person at an event where she interpreted for us. She had been recommended by an agency she had been working with for some time, and as I knew the agency, I knew I could rely on her. I admire Ms. Martinková’s interpreting skill and all attendants were very satisfied. It was a Czech-German-Austrian meeting in Vrchotovy Janovice, where they reminisced about the post-war period when the castle passed into the management of the National Museum, as well as Countess Sidonie Nádherná, its last inhabitant. There is no doubt Lenka Martinková is a consummate professional and she was happy to interpret even after outside of the agreed scope. I am very thankful for her work and I would be happy to contact her (or the company through which I met her) again in the future.

Kristýna Hlavatá

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Ms. Lenka Martinková is your best partner in any court proceedings which require work with the German language – whether translating legal texts or interpreting directly in the court room. Her knowledge of German legal terminology is excellent. When interpreting live, she is quick, can always evaluate the situation swiftly and act in a dispassionate and appropriate manner. Even when she finds herself in an emotionally fraught situation, she can keep a cool head and she never lets the moment prejudice her professional work. For me, she represents a professional in the best sense of the word. I am counting on our future cooperation.

Martin Lukeš

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Our long-term collaboration with Mr. Lenka Martinková is mainly on the open-air literary festival Literatura v parku (Literature in the Park). We appreciate her thorough preparation, punctuality and reliability, as well as the good communication with both us and the writers whose interviews she interprets. All of this contributes to the festival’s unique atmosphere – 2017 marked its 7th anniversary. We are looking forward to further cooperation with Ms. Martinková and can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for an interpreter with a professional approach to her work!

Anna Koutská
Prague Literature House of German-Writing Authors +420 222 540 536

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We have been cooperating with Ms. Martinková for years; her work has always been excellent and to our complete satisfaction, mainly when it comes to the high quality of her translations and interpreting both from and into German, or her responsible approach to preparation, punctuality and fast delivery of translations. We highly value the fact that many times, Ms. Martinková was willing to accommodate our financial limits and that she has been flexible in the face of the administrative requirements of our complicated project management as a player in the non-profit sector.

E. Valentová
Association for Integration and Migration, o.p.s.

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We worked with Lenka Martinková last year, while preparing for the deployment of SAP software. She interpreted from and into German at technical meetings and workshops. Lenka is very professional, was always thoroughly prepared, and has an excellent knowledge of both technical and SAP terminology. I can wholeheartedly recommend her and we would be happy to continue our cooperation with her.

Vít Soukup

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