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Marie Bubnova — independent producer and dealer of merchandise, masks, branded clothes, gifts and other items


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Providing and coordinating a hostess team is a difficult process that may not always turn out 100%. Agency Bubnovi s.r.o. is great at working with people and in this regard, you can always rely on it. They are highly work committed and know how to quickly solve any issue. We have been working together for many years and their work has always been immaculate.

Rostislav Zabransky
British American Tobacco

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I am very thankful for working with this agency. Our cooperation on providing personnel for catering events is full of reliability, professionalism, flexibility and a great price-performance ratio.

Miroslav Zelenka
Maximum Catering

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The quality has exceeded all expectations.

Martin Moravec, PhD

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Working with the agency has helped us a lot and was beneficial for us. I highly recommend it.

Ladislav Ordos
Golem Catering

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Marie Bubnová is amazing and unique! She is the best boss I've had the chance to meet in the past 15 years of doing promotions. She puts her maximum into the entrusted projects, she believes in them and you can see how much she enjoys her work. This transfers to the whole team of hostesses and promoters and that "kick starts" them into the right sales mood. She knows how to move things forward and does not settle for average as she knows that the result can be even better and everything can be perfected. It has been my pleasure to work for Maruška for all these years. Her perfectionism, enthusiasm, personal and exceptional drive when leading a project is a great asset for the employer and client in these dynamic times. Thank you for great cooperation!

Monika Moncekova

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Marie is the best boss I have met during my job career. She is direct and understanding. She is always trying to meet me halfway and that is something not everybody can do. Thanks to her I enjoy going to work. It has been 4 years of happy cooperation.

Nicola Kucerova

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I have tried a few companies, as a salesman or a promoter and nowhere had I the feeling of equality as here. Everyone is measured with the same meter. If you mess up something, it's brought to your attention, a well done job is acknowledged. It's immediately easier to work in such an environment. The agency takes its job very seriously and thoroughly. Whenever there was a problem during a promotion day, the agency did everything to solve it as soon as possible. Marie and Lukáš also know how to cheer you up in situations outside of work. It is above reproach.

Jakub Laube

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In these rushed times, there are usually two types of employers. Those, who look down on you, create a hostile environment, keep you under stress and pressure. Others won't give you any attention and will leave you hanging in place with unanswered questions. And then, there is an agency Bubnovi s.r.o. that has a completely natural and human approach, unbelievable knowledge and will never let you struggle. I think that for Marie and Lukáš nothing is ever a problem and everything has a solution. I dare to say that you all who read this would wish to have a boss just like Marie and Lukáš. Because you would never have to fear any trouble and working together with them would be delightful. I write this to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Radovan Ernest

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