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Martin Gavanda — Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud architect, VMware specialist, and instructor


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I have worked with Martin for more than five years, and I have never met such a talented and qualified IT consultant. He always tries to find a solution to any situation, no matter how complex it is. His customer-first approach is highly appreciated as well as his ability to think out of the box. Thanks to his technical and business skills, I can recommend him without hesitation.

Pavel Karba
CEO at Devglobe

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Martin helped us with an initial infrastructure health-check that discovered several weak points in our infrastructure. Not only was he able to identify those issues, but he quickly designed a mitigation plan to fix all of our weak spots. The project resulted in complete infrastructure redesign allowing us to provide a more robust infrastructure to our users and much better performance with minimal investments.

Petr Povalil
IT manager at Servind

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I enjoyed the course and was able to gain the necessary knowledge of VMware vSphere. From overview to deep dive, with explanations of real-world uses, setups, and issues, or events. I also learned about ways to gather more information for future use and long-term help. I highly recommended his courses.

Todd Miller
VMware support engineer

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Super instructor, I like his way of giving real-world examples, and as I'm experienced already with VMware, he has superior experience to guide you. If you ask any questions, his response to your questions is fantastic, detailed, and fast. I'm sure if I ask Martin to give me some technical support in the future, he will not refuse at all.

Amr Fahmy
data center engineer

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One of the most knowledgeable and informative courses I have enrolled in, it gives you very beneficial details about a lot of topics for VMware vSphere. The course helped me a lot during the preparation of my VCP6 certification.

George Abdou
IT specialist

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