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Tomas Jacik — Linux administrator, web developer, and consultant


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Mr Jacík helped us with the speed of our eshop, which had been very poor. After Mr Jacík’s intervention, we have a website users can use without any problems again and the speed of the website bothers neither us in the backoffice nor the customers. We cooperate with him on the development of the website on a regular basis and I must emphasize his reaction time to questions and requests, which is definitely much shorter than the average in this profession and that lightens subsequent work a lot. Generally, I can only recommend him. We will continue with our cooperation.

Vaclav Vana
operations manager at Footshop

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I regard Tomáš Jacík as a professional with the ability to analyze technical difficulty of a project in the context of an adequately chosen solution. He can draw upon his rich experience in this matter. His great strength is also the knowledge of HW and the experience with running of hosting and VPS, which he also applies in development of the applications themselves.

Ondrej Hajek
owner of the portal

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Tomas is a developer and an analyst with inquisitive questions that customers tend to forget so often. Because he sees beyond the terms of contracts, he is a very welcome co-developer in the team work.

Petr Sykora
developer and analyst at

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We can only recommend Tomas. I think he was our seventh addressed programmer. None of the others had been able to carry out our task and create a fast and functional database (website) connected to our suppliers. Tomas was the only one who could handle our problems and program it. It is also a pleasure to communicate and arrange things with him. I can only recommend him to everybody then.

Vladimir Havlik
owner of the eshop

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I contacted Mr Jacik when I lost patience with hosting and VPS of various providers who always claimed that the problem with the speed of my website is in the website itself, not in the settings of the server. Mr Jacik proved them wrong.

Tomas Mesko
owner of the eshop

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Tomas has always been able to solve problems unsolvable for others. He is not only a great programmer, he understands the issues of servers in particular.

Zdenek Koutny
representative of Koutny Software s.r.o.

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