Kamila Zahradnickova

graphic designer, UX copywriter, and communication strategist

Kamila Zahradnickova
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech

I create visuals, texts, brands, and communication strategies that work.

Imagine every piece of design or text based on a full understanding of your customers and goals — or, better yet, a pre-established strategy.

I encourage you to never settle for a design or text that is just nice. It may seem fine but miss your goals altogether. That’s why I base all my work on modern behavioural science (psychology, anthropology, economics) and best practices for designing a better customer experience. My approach is holistic as well as evidence-based, focused on matching my creative outputs to your priorities:

  • Graphic design — I design all sorts of visuals from prints to digital graphics for effective presentations, sales, building trust and influence with your customers.
  • UX copywriting — Modern copywriting is the art of matching your values and marketing goals with what we know about the target audience. I also reflect on the differences in national cultures and hold top-tier C2 CPE English certificates, producing texts that mirror your audience.
  • Service design — A service can be designed just like any product or leaflet, in order to satisfy customers and turn more leads into sales. Some methods might seem childish (cardboard prototypes and post-its) but trust me, they will result in happier clients.
  • User research — Understanding customer needs and behaviour requires data. That’s why I’m always ready for hands-on research to produce the insights we need to approach your clients effectively. The methods I use are all well-established, reliable, and utterly practical.
  • Branding — If you are not satisfied with your present brand or need to create one, this is one of my specialties. A brand is not a logo. It’s the whole identity. Every brand needs a structure, to define its values, its visual elements, as well as a proper strategy.
  • Communication strategy — Often, clients have a brand but what’s missing is a communication strategy, i.e. clear instructions on how it is supposed to relate to people and the outside world, your customers and the general public. Creating one is part of my job.

The focus of my university studies (at Masaryk University in Brno) is Psychology and Cultural anthropology. This enables me to reflect on the latest psychological research in my work and employ my anthropological background in understanding different mindsets of various cultures.

That is also why I love to work with clients worldwide, remotely or in-person, and how I ended up getting a prestigious internship at the European Parliament and set out to create a communication strategy for the YANI Research Hub in Belfast, UK.

You may think that doing all this research and evidence-based work comes at a high price. So here’s the good news: As a junior freelancer, I charge from €27 per hour, and we may also agree on a maximum price so that you don’t break your budget. Get in touch, I would be happy to discuss your project.

Portfolio highlights

Sutton: Full branding and strategy for Pavla Sutton, neuro-lecturer Artegiani: Service design and graphic design for the Artegiani artist community YANI poster: Visual identity for the YANI Research Hub (UK), service design, communication strategy Double DL: Voucher design for Czech initiative #shopsmallhelpbig Motiv3-c: Brand revitalization, communication strategy Menu presentation: I ate a great waffle in Delft (NL) so I created a menu on my flight back home Learning styles: Digestible design of research publication Yelling again?: How to increase compliance rate by 70%? Design, research, wit.
Kamila Zahradnickova

Contact details

Kamila Zahradnickova
Skolni 1188
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 774 848 980

Firsthand recommendations

If you look for someone who can turn your dreams into reality, I am happy to recommend you Kamila Zahradnickova. I appreciate her creative approach and professional conduct. My web features custom design and reflects the newest trends. Communication as well as overall cooperation was excellent. Recommended to all of you!

Pavla Sutton trainer and lecturer

Kamila and I set out to create new marketing material for our company. Her way of thinking, creativity, psychological insights as well as her sense of design brought results that exceeded all my expectations. First-class design. The quality is professional, and the new materials guide our potential clients step by step to action. Communication with Kamila was flawless and quick. Deadlines and all our agreements were met on time. Many thanks for the work, I can only recommend Kamila. And I look forward to our continued cooperation that has already taken a specific form.

Jiří Jemelka CEO and owner at J.I.P pro firmy
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