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Kamila Zahradnickova — behavioural design expert and consultant


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If you look for someone who can turn your dreams into reality, I am happy to recommend you Kamila Zahradnickova. I appreciate her creative approach and professional conduct. My web features custom design and reflects the newest trends. Communication as well as overall cooperation was excellent. Recommended to all of you!

Pavla Sutton
trainer and lecturer

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In my experience, Kamila proved to be exceptionally gifted and diligent. As a member of my project team, she was a guarantee of flawless results, great communication, and creative insights along with innovative ideas. I ended up learning a lot from her. She is sensitive to the needs of others, and that is also why I decided to gave her the trust to build me a personal brand., including a website, leaflets, and business cards. My presentation forms a part of my identity, and that is why it was so important to reflect my true self and communicate myself as a professional. The form of communication was equally essential for me, especially when I don´t feel like I fully belong to the online world yet. I can´t think of a better choice. Kamila is extremely helpful and ready to explain everything I wonder about. At the same time, she can provide feedback with respect, reflecting her fresh perspective of a young and creative freelancer. I am always happy to get her advice. There is no better cooperation than between two people who love what they do.

Zuzana Zborayova
coach and lecturer

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Kamila is an inspirational person. She is excited about every single activity from her broad portfolio. Everything we worked on together showed the same characteristics: thoughtful execution, professional design, done with a sense for detail. She created a new system of business proposals that is modern, inventive, and clean but still has the power to highlight important information and attract the attention of our clients. Each document fits into a thoughtful net of advertising materials of our company, forming a neat structure with an intelligible message. What is more, it is amazingly easy to communicate with her, and you will certainly appreciate her positive approach. I have no other choice but to recommend Kamila Zahradnickova.

Markéta Muziková

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Kamila offered us her helping hand when we needed to communicate quite an intricate topic involving several fields. We soon realized that she could do far more than just making our texts more entertaining and well arranged. This was why we decided to entrust her with designing our leaflets that are now shining with her ideas, and you will be happy to read it. The cooperation was both effective and pleasant. We also appreciate Kamila´s wide range of knowledge in her fields and her capacity to understand our situation, as well as her inputs to the discussion regarding contradictory solutions to our current communication difficulties. We are looking forward to further close cooperation with Kamila!

Roman Andres
Campaign Coordinator at Alternativa Stredoceske D3 +420 732 906 107

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Kamila and I set out to create new marketing material for our company. Her way of thinking, creativity, psychological insights as well as her sense of design brought results that exceeded all my expectations. First-class design. The quality is professional, and the new materials guide our potential clients step by step to action. Communication with Kamila was flawless and quick. Deadlines and all our agreements were met on time. Many thanks for the work, I can only recommend Kamila. And I look forward to our continued cooperation that has already taken a specific form.

Jiří Jemelka
CEO and owner at J.I.P pro firmy +420 603 995 052

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I have been working closely with Kamila on the business development of the Artegiani project. She has been a great support and has provided a lot of clarity and structure to the concept. Easy to work with, challenging point of views, and perfect implementation. She is available and responsive and has a bright future ahead with her skillset and mindset. I definitely recommend her.

Aurélie Peters
CEO at AdGrafics

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Kamila worked on the design of my new logo. She handled my assignment with the utmost care, and I had a feeling she was able to deal with my indecisiveness during the cooperation. She prepared more than just one design and I liked all of them so much that I couldn’t decide which one to pick. I was very happy with our cooperation.

Tomas Nosil

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It was a superb idea to entrust Kamila Zahradnickova with designing my wedding newspapers. Sensitive, witty, and intuitive graphic design certainly made my special day even more exclusive. She does not hesitate to consult each major issue, suggests adjustments, and adds nice copy to help you achieve the desired effect. I certainly recommend her!

Magdalena Davidova

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Thank you, Kamila, for your help with designing covers for my instruction manuals. It was pleasant cooperation with amazing results, all deadlines met in time, for a price we agreed on.

Jana Cechova
JCP services

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We connected with Kamila Zahradnickova thanks to Umsemumtam portal. Kamila helps our organization change communication strategy and visual identity in a very kind and clear manner. Her ideas and advice are greatly appreciated. We have made great progress thanks to her professional approach, active listening, and leadership. We look forwards to each meeting.

Czech ILCO
Organization supporting ostomy patients

Elina Jutelyte

I had a pleasure to work with Kamila on an event project where she demonstrated how resourceful, talented and professional she is in her line of work. Always responsive and on time! Kamila is also an active participant and speaker at our Freelance Business Community events, which definitely position her as an expert and leader in her field. I highly recommend Kamila for any design related work or project. I am very impressed how she started her independent business and very quickly brought it to a very high level.

Elina Jutelyte
senior event manager and consultant

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