Bogdan Siderek

certified Gallup strength coach, mentor, and consultant of team and company culture leadership

Bogdan Siderek
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I have been involved in HR management as well as improving team and company cultures since 2008. I founded and successfully sold my own company in 2011. I have led teams of 3 to 300 all over the world (Sweden, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, India, and Czechia), and I founded the Czech-based Ikigai agency in 2017, where we help individuals to discover their strengths and organizations to build a culture based on openness, cooperation, and their strengths.

The concept of ikigai comes from Japan. It is based on four key principles to focus on: What you love. What you are good at. What you can be paid for. What the world needs. To help you discover and unite these ikigai objectives, I use 4 measurable methodologies:

  • Strengths according to Gallup — Clifton Strengths
  • Values ​​according to Barrett Value Center — Personal & Team Values Assessment
  • Team and company culture according to the book Tribal Leadership
  • Agile management according to SCRUM and the Kanban methodology

If you are interested in working with me or in any of my services listed below, I would be delighted to have a free introductory call with you to discuss your needs.


Building strengths-based culture, with

Services for individuals — how can I help you

  • Strengths consulting — Do you want to know what your strengths are and how to use them to improve all of the areas of your life? During a 90-minutes session, I will guide you through your Clifton Strengths results. I’ll give you specific examples of how to transform your behavioral patterns and turn them into your strengths, instead of barriers and weaknesses. Each person is unique and has their own strengths. Let's find yours!
  • Strengths-based coaching — Strengths consulting is just a starting point. Strengths-based coaching goes deeper and transforms you into your better self. During 6-8 coaching sessions, you will find out where the core of your success lies. You will understand how your achievements in the past can affect your winning strategies in the future. Together, we will discover how your behavioral patterns and strengths affect you and your surroundings.
  • Mentoring in motivation and leadership — I have more than 12 years of experience in leading and motivating vastly different teams. In our mentoring sessions, I will sit next to you in the passenger seat, and together we will find ways to achieve your goals and dreams.

Services for companies, teams, and organizations

  • Strengths workshops — I provide team and management workshops. In team workshops, we will focus on communication and a deep understanding of team cooperation. On management-level leadership workshops, we’ll solve team-building aspects and work out the managerial style of your team leaders.
  • Managerial strengths consulting and coaching — Our behavioral patterns affect not only us but also the people around us. According to Gallup, there are four basic followers’ needs, which every leader should cultivate: Trust, Compassion, Stability, and Hope. As a part of our managerial cooperation, you will learn how to use your strengths to motivate your team. We will also identify your potential blind spots and find ways that you can use to cultivate your style and support your follower's basic needs.
  • Building a strengths-based culture program — As a part of a year-round program with your team, we will work with the strengths and values of both the manager and the individuals within the team. The program includes tests of strengths, values, and company or team culture, as well as individual consultations and workshops. It is divided into 4 phases:
    • Talent and team spirit
    • Understanding yourself and strengths-based partnership
    • Your team and who you are
    • The future and your team development

Professional milestones and history

  • 2020
    • I became a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
    • an article about me and agile management methods was published by iHNED Modern Management, a prominent Czech media outlet
    • I completed the training of the first two consultants, who received the Certified Strengths Consultant certification
  • 2019 — I completed our largest corporate pilot project, where we managed to shift the corporate culture of more than 50 managers.
  • 2017 — I founded the agency, which is the focus of my business.
  • 2014 — I led, created, and implemented the Leadership Behavior concept within the Tieto Czech s.r.o. company for about 100 managers. This concept captures how managers should work and what leadership principles they should follow. Every leader:
    • leads by example
    • makes transparent decisions
    • shows respect
    • motivates and inspires others
    • gives open feedback
    • makes the right decisions quickly and efficiently
    • understands real values
    • thinks like an investor
    • sees the bigger picture
    • supports collaboration and open communication
  • 2014 — I was awarded as one of the top three leaders of the year within Tieto Czech s.r.o.
  • 2008 — I founded my first company together with a partner, which I sold 3 years later.
Bogdan Siderek

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Bogdan Siderek
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